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How to avoid dry hair extensions?

Giving Life To Your Hair Extension:

Dryness in hair extensions is a topic that has been intensively researched over the internet. This shows that lots of individuals are looking for ways of keeping their extensions moisturized and soft.

Dry hair extensions is a problem you will likely encounter no matter the extension brand you wear. This is because unlike the natural hair, hair extensions do not receive their nourishment from the scalp. So you have to take proactive steps in ensuring your hair extension stays silky and soft.

Fixing Your Hair Extensions:

There is nothing really difficult about rejuvenating your extensions when they go dry. All you need do is to use the right set of aftercare products and then observe the following steps.

#1 Get your extension brushed using the right type of brush as doing so eliminates every type tangling, thus helping your hair stay smooth.

#2 We recommend using our Hair Extensions Shampoo on your extensions. They come in sample 30ml and large 250ml sized bottles. One portion should be enough to cover your extensions from mid length to tail ends. 2 portions will be needed if the strands of your extensions are very thick.

#3 If you use clips on your extension, using the treatment on the clips won’t be a bad idea. If your extension is the permanent one, apply treatments at mid length and ends only. Avoid applying any treatment to the bonds closest to your scalp.

#4 When repairing hair extensions, get the extensions laid on a dry towel and then allow to stand all through the night as doing so ensures the treatment soaks properly. If wearing a permanent extension, ensure your extension is secured in plaits before going to bed. Extensions treatment hardly drips; you don’t need to worry about bed stains.

#5 By morning get your extensions rinsed thoroughly with conditioner and shampoo after the treatment has soaked properly. The treatment is entirely natural, nourishing your hair with sufficient moisture.

#6 For extra nourishment treatment we highly recommend using our Argan Oil especially designed for hair extensions, do not be fooled by cheaper alternatives, this product has been tried and tested with human hair extensions and its amazingly!

#7 You now have a smooth, silky, nourished and tangle free hair extensions.

Important tip: Treating your hair extension should be done on regular basis. Get it fixed the moment it gets dried to avoid further issues!

Reasons Natural Treatment Is Best:

Natural treatment is certainly the best treatment method used for getting rid of dryness from your hair extension. This is because the treatment provides your hair extension with the moisture it needs, instead of hiding the dried areas. Natural treatment actually gets to the root of the problem which is insufficient moisture, and then restores back your damaged hair extension.

At HairXtensions.co.uk we offer aftercare products which are designed tried and tested to work with human hair extensions, our treatment solutions will work amazingly with your hair, whether you use hair extension shampoo and conditioner, hair extensions protein spray or serum protective serum or argan oil, they are all essential products you should use to help prolong the life of your hair extensions. We also now supply a new product called Hair Extension Boost which is available in 100ml bottle and this product will help leave your extensions soften & polish, it will add depth of colour & brilliance, leaving your hair feeling incredibly sleek!

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