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How to avoid problems from itchy scalp?

Why do my Hair Extensions Itch?

Maybe you could be wondering why your scalp has been feeling itchy after fitting a new set of hair extensions.

You don’t really have to be worried if your scalp itches after fitting a new hair extension because if you are like most people, this is an absolutely normal condition. In this article, we shall be examining some the reasons why hair extensions get itchy and also help you find ways of dealing with it.

Some of the major causes of itchy extensions:

Below are some of the major causes of itchy scalp after fitting an extension.

⦁ Using the wrong aftercare product.
⦁ Too much sweating.
⦁ Using the right aftercare product in the wrong way.
⦁ Allergy to metals or keratin glue.
⦁ Improper fitting of hair extension.

Here are some solutions...

1. Use the right aftercare product on your hair extensions.

You can’t just afford not to use the right aftercare product on your hair, as doing so prevents your scalp from becoming itchy. The wrong set of shampoo and conditioner when used on your hair extensions causes it to get itchy because as they are pretty difficult to remove due to bonds. The aftercare product you use should be easily washed away when the need arises.

2. Stick to the right aftercare routine.

It isn’t enough to use the right set of aftercare products. It is equally important that you observe the best aftercare routine. You have to start this from the very first day you got your hair extension fitted. You have to take full responsibility in ensuring that your extension is maintained in the right condition day and night. One of such maintenance routine involves using the right type of extension brush, proper fitting of the hair extension using the right hair extension bobble, and then knowing the right way of wearing hair extension when in an entirely different environment. Itching is possibly often a sign that your hair extension is about to get matted and tangled from the root and so it is important you ensure your extension is fitted properly by a trained professional.

3. Excessive sweating is yet another reason why hair extensions get itchy.

If regular workouts in the gym is your thing, you might find your hair extension itching you all the time. The reason for this is that sweat coming from your scalp has been trapped in your extension and this causes itching. Your scalp generates lots of sweat when you whenever you get involved in any activity that is strenuous. We recommend you get your hair washed properly using the right aftercare product after paying a visit to the gym.

4. Itching of the hair extension is sometimes caused by improper fitting.

If you are sure that none of the causes mentioned above is responsible for the itchiness you are experiencing, then it is very likely that wrong fitting is the culprit. Hair extension that has been fitted too tightly to the scalp leads to discomfort and itchiness which won’t go away if left alone. If this is your case, the best thing to do is to request your fitter to have your scalp examined and then get your extension loosened up a bit if need be.

5. You have an allergy to hair extension?

Lastly, if none of the causes mentioned here is responsible for the itchiness you have been experiencing on your scalp, then there is a good chance that your hair has an allergy for metals especially if nano rings or micro rings were used on your hair. Or even possibly you may have a allergy against keratin glue, we suggest a hair test before all pre bonded hair extension applications.

A newly fitted hair extension will need some time to settle.

It is important you bear in mind that your scalp will need some time to get adjusted to your new extension after fitting it for the first time. This period of time is most times uncomfortable. Though not everybody will have the same experience, the sensitivity of your scalp will play a major role here. There are some who won’t experience even the slightest discomfort while some will have to wait for weeks for the discomfort to subside.

The discomfort is strongly felt some days after fitting a new hair extension. This is more felt at night than in the day.

There is absolutely nothing to be worried about if your extension itches.

Itchiness and sensitivity is one common problem most people experience when they fit their extension for the first time. Your fitter has to make you understand this. 90% of all itchy cases often fade after some few days after fitting your hair extension. Relieve will be faster is you make use of the right aftercare product and routine. But if you are somewhat worried about this, you might have to consult with your fitter to find necessary solutions.

Is the discomfort you are having after fitting a mild one?

Mild discomfort often does not cause severe pain or discomfort. But if the pain you feel is severe, it could be a sign that the fitting of your extension was done very tightly. The best thing to do here is to contact the fitter that set your extension and have them make necessary adjustment. Though itching of the scalp is quite a normal thing, you will have to seek professional help if the itchiness lasts more than two weeks or the itchiness has become unbearable. We highly recommend using a tea-tree shampoo which can prevent itchiness and calm down the scalp.

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