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How to avoid problems with my newly fitted hair extensions?

Why do my newly fitted Hair Extensions Hurt?

If you just fitted hair extensions for the very first time, you might be wondering why your head feels a bit sensitive. This is one common problem encountered by people with sensitive scalps experience. They often suffer discomfort after some few days of fitting a hair extensions.

In this article, we shall be explaining some of the things you might expect when it comes to experiencing discomfort after fitting a hair extension. We shall also be outlining some solutions.

It will take some time for you to get adjusted to your new hair extensions.

On fitting hair extensions for the first time on your hair, the bonds of your extension will have to be placed close to your scalp to ensure they are well secured. It will then take about 3 to 4 months for them to gradually grow down. The extension will have to be placed some distance away from the scalp so as to give them room to move without any form of restriction. They have to be laid pendulous manner without being too noticeable. This technique reduces the initial pain you would experience. With each hair being different, different clients may need some more time for them to get used to the fitted extension. For most, the discomfort is no different from what you experience when you have your hair tied up as ponytail which causes the scalp to soften up due to pressure. There is nothing to be worried about if you experience this sensation after fitting your hair extension for the first time. It takes just some days for your scalp to fall back into normal condition.

Why do new extensions cause discomfort?

There are several reasons why you feel hurt some days after fitting your extension for the first time. One of them is the sensitivity of your scalp to attachment such as micro ring, or the hair extension being a bit tight. Whatever may be the case, there is absolutely nothing to be worried about as this is a very normal condition.

Have you been experiencing severe pain and discomfort after fitting your hair extensions?

In some cases, some clients experience discomforting pain due to improper fitting of their hair extension. It is important you to first determine if what you are experiencing are a mild discomfort which of course is normal, or a severe discomfort which unlike mild discomfort will have to be given some attention. If after 3 days of fitting and you still experience pain, you will have to look for solutions together with your extension technician.

What could likely be the cause of pain after fitting an extension?

There are lots of reasons why your scalp will hurt after fitting your extension for the first time. Though the list is inexhaustible, here are some of the reasons:

The fitting of your hair extension was done too tight.

This is probably the major reason why hair extensions hurt after they are fixed. This is because the extension has been placed very close to your scalp and so it places more pressure on your scalp. They will eventually stick out a bit as there is very little room for them to lay flat against the head. If you suspect this as the reason for your discomfort, then you will have to schedule an appointment with the extension technician that got it fixed for you to get your hair extension loosened up a bit. After correcting the hair extension and then laying it against your scalp, the pain will have capsized.

Your extensions are too heavy.

One other reason that causes you to feel discomfort is when the hair extension you fit is too heavy for your head to bear. If your hair is the fine type with lots of thick strands, you will definitely experience some pain in your scalp if extension you attach is too heavy. If this is the case, you will still need to contact your extension technician for some adjustments. Your natural real hair will have to be thick and strong enough to support the weight of your new hair extensions.

Maybe you have an allergy?

Though not being a major cause, most people who suffer discomfort after fitting a hair extension, are just allergic to it. This is mostly the case when you use micro rings and micro tubes and your scalp is sensitive to metals. Some clients have scalps that are allergic to these metals. If this is the case we suggest contacting your hair stylist for more advice and assistance.

Tension in a hair extension causes the wearer to feel some discomfort.

One last cause of discomfort after fitting your hair is hair being trapped inside your fitting which causes your scalp to pull. Just one strand of hair that is caught and pulled will cause you to feel some discomfort. However, one or two strands of hair that ends up getting trapped, isn’t an unusual thing. But your extension technician should be skilled enough to know loosen up your extension when strands of hair get trapped. If you suspect that the discomfort you are experiencing has been due to tension, then you will have to contact your extension fitter to find solutions.

Steps you need to take when you are experiencing discomfort after fitting your hair.

If the pain you are experiencing has gone beyond being mild, we advise that you immediately arrange an appointment with your extension fitter as soon as possible to make necessary corrections. You would be surprised that only a mild adjustment will be necessary. You are better off getting a professional to look over your hair than to leave it unattended to.

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