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How To Grow Social Media Audience For Attracting New Clients

Social media has its impact on every sphere of modern life. If you are running a hair, beauty or nail salon you too can deny its power for attracting new clients. You cannot deny its impact and the different platforms it provides you to attract attention of new clients and include them in your clientele list. There are so many things to decide and this article will help you how to do that.

Which platform to start with? There are so many platforms now, you have Tiktok, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and of course Facebook. Among these some are age specific platforms. Like tiktok is used by people under the age of 18 years mostly. Thus, if your serve more to people with 35 years or more, using tiktok as your main platform will not be that helpful. Facebook and YouTube has maximum subscribers and they serve to people of different age group. Thus, you can choose them as your beginning platform and then gradually move to others. You may use Snapchat and Tiktok when you target younger groups.

What content should you have as a stylist? When you create any post for any of these platform make sure that the content is relevant to your scope of work. It must be balanced and it should maintain the blocks of engagement. The format of your content will vary from one platform to another. In Instagram or Facebook there will be a mix feed of story posts. You can post images, stories and videos there but it will be different in case of Snapchat, YouTube and Tiktok. You need to create videos for posting there. While creating the content remember that you have only split second to attract attention of people. Whether its written or visuals they should be eye catching and attractive.

How to turn followers into bookings? Your main challenge will be to increase engagements among users and then turn these people into fresh bookings. The challenge is how to? You can increase engagement by posting questions, taking polls or asking for opinions. Once the engagement increase you can start sharing booking details. All this will take time and you have to concentrate on every effort that you put during this period. You must remember that you should be careful about what your audience want and create such content. This way you can reach them easily.

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