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How To Prevent Hair Extensions Shedding?

Hair Extensions Shedding?

Hair extensions require care in order to make them remain healthy for a longer period of time. Unfortunately there are many reasons why hair extensions can start shedding from incorrect application to using the wrong aftercare products. Numerous methods are available which can help prevent hair to shed.

It is important to have a clear idea about the reason associated with the shedding of extension hair. This will help you solve the main root cause associated with the problem. Most individuals fail in finding the root cause which results in their failure in slowing down their hair shedding.


Reasons Associated with the Shedding of Extension Hair:

Here we discuss the reasons why your hair extensions can start shedding, and how to resolve the problem.

 Application and Cleanliness: Incorrect application of the hair extensions can be the cause for the hair to start shedding. Its very important to ensure that the hair is completely clean and free of oil before they any hair extensions are applied. As this can lead to the bond/glue not taking or fusing to the natural hair correctly which will mean eventually your hair extensions will start to slip down and will also cause shedding of the hair. In addition its always advisable to keep your hair clean on a regular basis and free of any oil, dirt or grease. It will help secure the bond for a longer period of time.

 Wrong Aftercare Products: If any aftercare product such as creamy shampoo, conditioner or any oil based products has contact with the bonds/glue this can reduce the strength of the keratin bonds which is very likely for the hair to start shedding. Proteins also can bind with the extensions and soften them, causing them to shed. Also stay away from the any products which have citric acid as their ingredient. Citric acid is one of the main ingredients used in products to remove pre bonded extensions, the acid will strip away the keratin and start to erode the bonds or glue.

 Chemicals & Swimming: Its extremely important to avoid any contact with all chemicals. This will include hair dye, bleach, toner or even the chemicals such as chlorine which is used in swimming pools. If any of the above is coming in contact with the keratin bonds/glue then it can cause serious damage and cause shedding.

 Avoid Direct Heat: If you use heat tools such as hair dryers or hair straighteners, be careful not to apply too much heat near your keratin bonds or glue. Keratin bonds are reactive to heat and when you apply a boost of heat you are loosening the keratin bonds every time! We always recommend drying your hair extensions naturally with the help of a towel. Or you can even apply warm or cool air for drying purpose and then minimal heat at the extensions in order to style them.

 Your Lifestyle: Even your lifestyle is likely going to affect the shedding of your extension hair, for example if you are active person who workouts on a regular basis, sweaty/hot hair can effect your bonds! The more active you are the most likely the bonds will break down faster. Try to keep your hair clean and oil free, away from dirty and grease. We recommend avoiding swimming, saunas and stream rooms.

 Brushing & Hairstyles: Excessive pulling, tugging or brushing can also the cause of shedding of hair. Try not to use too much tension if you braid or ponytail your hair. We suggest always using a Loop Brush when brushing your hair extensions as it prevents any damage to your keratin bonds, other hair brushes can snag your bonds which will over time damage them.


Points to consider when applying Pre Bonded Nail-Tip Hair Extensions.

Here we discuss a few important factors to be awear of while applying Nail-Tip (u-tip) hair extensions hair. These points will help you prevent shedding.

▪ When fitting nail tip extensions, the heat fusion applicator must be a temperature of 160-170 degrees to melt the keratin bonds correctly, if the temperature is too high or too low this can effect the keratin and won't allow the bond take to the natural hair correctly.

▪ Ensure that the keratin bond is rolled and sealed correctly, this will help in ensuring that the bond holds strong and securely which can last for a few months.

▪ Always ensure that your hair is clean before applying the hair extensions in order to have a proper bond to your hairs. If the natural hair is dirty, greasy or oily this will not allow the bonds to take correctly.

▪ After the hair extensions have been applied, its very important not to wash your hair for a minimum period of 24-48 hours, as this is when your bonds are at their weakest.

▪ In some cases, if the bonds are cut in half for the case of reducing visibility, this will not create a strong seal to the natural hair, which also weakens the keratin bond and will cause the extensions to shed.


Is There A Fix To Solve Shedding?

If you are sure the hair extensions have been applied correctly, not been modified in anyway or been effected by any chemicals, fortunately there is a way to help improve the overall quality of the keratin. We highly recommend using a Dry Shampoo. By using this product and applying dry shampoo into the roots and over the bonds, this will help absorb into the keratin and harden up the soft/sticky keratin and help improve the overall condition of the bonds.

However its very important that these instructions are carefully followed as some issues can be irreversible.

 Hair Wefts: If you cut or modify hair wefts in anyway there is a huge risk that the hair will shed as the weft will start to unthread, unfortunately this is completely unavoidable. The solution to minimise and reduce shedding is to use a Hair Weft Sealer, this is available in Dark or Clear from our website. If you have problems with shedding after purchasing a hair weft from us and no sealer is purchased at the same time as you placed your order it will void the quality warranty.

For full details please follow our Aftercare Guide.

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