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How To Prevent Hair Wefts Shedding?

How To Stop Hair Wefts Shedding?

Before applying hair wefts they need to be cut into smaller wefts to prepare before application, when these are cut the edges of the weave becoming weak and there is nothing to stop the hair weft from shedding, this is the most common reason why hair wefts start to shed.

To protect your investment we highly recommend using SalonPro’s Hair Weft Sealer, which is available in two colours, clear and dark. By using this product on the modified cut edges of the weave it acts as a protective barrier and stops/eliminates the shredding.

The extension weft sealer is a specialised and formulated applicator to “seal” your hair weft, which basically holds the hair/weft together and significantly reduces any shedding.

Visit our website to view the available product:


If you do not purchase this product from us at the same time as you purchase a hair weft from us, and you have problems with shedding we cannot be held responible as all hair wefts are sold as a 'DIY' product and must be cut/modified to apply the hair weave.

Further tips to help reduce hair extensions from shedding/thinning:

When a person buys hair extensions, he/she desires it to last for a long time without the hair strands shedding off and getting thinner and thinner. Proper care of the hair extensions can make it more durable, which is applicable for both human and synthetic hairs. There are certain useful tips that can help in preventing the shedding of hair strands, thus extending the life of hair extensions.

▪ We advise the weft is not been over stretched during application.
▪ No such material that contains alcohol or salt should be used for cleaning the hair extensions. The chemicals present in alcohol and salt make the hair strands dry, resulting in faster shedding.
▪ The hair extension should not be dried with the application of extra heat, as that can damage the hair strands. So it is advised to dry the hair extension naturally in the air, to maintain its best health.
▪ Just like natural hairs, one should wash the hair extension with mild shampoo and luke warm water, to eliminate all dirt particles. These hair strands also need extra care with a high-quality hair conditioner specialized for hair extensions after every wash.
▪ A proper brush or comb should be chosen to comb the strands of hair extension carefully in place. It is best to seek advice from a professional hairstylist in this regard, who can suggest what to use for straight or curly strands of hair extensions.
▪ If someone is using extra long hair extensions, then the hair should be covered well for better protection while sleeping at night to reduce friction and shedding.
▪ Its extremely important not to use any hair colouring products on the hair weft, such as bleach, dye or toner as it can seriously effect the overall condition of the weft which can lead to dryness, tangling, shedding or even matting!

Its highly recommended that only hair care products which are specialized with use of human hair extensions are used, to help avoid shedding of hair strands.

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