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Micro Ring Tube Slippage: Causes and Solution

One of the most recent innovations in the hair industry have been micro ring hair extensions . This solution has been proven effective for clients who wish to avoid the conventional method of using glue, which can often damage the hair.

Mainly attached using a micro ring tube, with most people referring to it as bead or ring, hair extensions are achieved by securing each strand of hair to the natural hair through the use of clamps, placed to close the stick tip of the hair extension. This creates discrete and lasting hair extensions, that are not only easy to wear and remove, but also very safe to be worn.

One good reason why micro rings/tubes have been given special preference, has been the safety it offers when wearing hair extensions. But just like every other form of hair treatment, micro rings/tubes have their own drawbacks and so has to be given proper thought before being used on a client. Slippage is one prominent problem that comes up time and again, and so the goal of this article is to help you find effective and fast ways of dealing with this problem and also preventing it from reoccurring in the future.

The very first and most important thing to do before fitting in hair extension is to wash the hair as doing so will guard against slippage. It is important that you inform your client during consultation never to use conditioners prior to fitting as this will cause slippage of micro rings. This is because most conditioners are made of silicone which is responsible for the shiny and soft texture of conditioned hair. When used, it coats the hair with fine protective layers which hides damage caused through hair colouring, heat etc.

How can I stop my clients from using excess conditioners on their hair before fitting?

It can be hard to convince a client to stay away from conditioners before fitting, as most of them can’t stand the thought of wearing unconditioned hair. Using conditioner will cause the hair extensions to slip. The solution to this would be to recommend a particular shampoo to your client and then asking them to use nothing else.

Making use of the wrong size of ring can loosen up the hair extension:

You will often be awed by the shear amount of micro rings available, with each having its own pros and cons.

HairXtensions.co.uk offers you two varieties of micro rings in various sizes; micro rings lined with silicone and traditional standard micro rings without the silicone lining. Each of them will only fit a particular type of hair and using the wrong size will only lead to slippage.

Silicone lined micro rings have great versatility and can be used on most types of hair, especially hair with moderate thickness. However, micro tubes will be more ideal for a moderate thin hair because it is more discrete and firmer on the hair. Our micro tubes are of two variety; silicone lined and non-silicone lined.

How do I determine the best Micro Ring to use when fitting stick tip hair extension?

The baseline for determining the best micro rings to use has always been personal preference. As your experience as a hair stylist broadens, the easier it will become for you to determine the best ring for your client’s hair, but you will first have to experiment.

The Micro Ring I chose did not fit my client’s hair; what should I do?

There will definitely be times when a client’s hair won’t accept the same ring you have used for hundreds of other clients with similar type of hair. It is completely unavoidable and so the best thing to do is to change it accordingly.

Using very little portion of the client’s hair leads to weak holding of the hair extension:

The major cause of micro rings slippage has always been insufficient hair used when securing the rings, with the end result being the loosening of the hair extension. The obvious solution to this problem is making use of sufficient amount of your client’s hair, as doing so also offers support to the hair extension. When in doubt, it is better to make use of too much hair than to use too little.

I couldn’t enclose enough hair into client’s micro ring, what should I do?

Using very little hair inside your client’s ring is the fastest way of causing the hair extension to loosen. The solution to this is to remove all extensions with very little hair in them, and then reapplying them.

The wrong aftercare method or product will cause hair extensions to slip:

To avoid your clients hair from slipping after following the right fitting technique, is to advise them of the best products to use and how to use to use it. Frequent and brash brushing is another reason why hair extensions end up becoming loose. One sound maintenance technique is to apply hair oil as often as possible on to the hair extensions. The best spot to apply the oil is half way through the hair and end tips.

How do I make my clients stick with the right after care products?

Explain to your clients in great details the best aftercare technique regarding brushing and washing of the hair. Also advise them to avoid being too hard when pulling the hair extension, and should avoid making use of the wrong aftercare products. Offer them the option of buying the right set of hair extension aftercare products from you such as shampoo, detangling hair oil, conditioners, hair extension bobble and extension hair brush which will prevent pulling and snagging of the hair. This ensures you know exactly what they are using and so can conveniently and quickly find solution to whatever problem that may arise. To make your client stick to the right aftercare routine, you will have to give them a hair extension card which they can always fall back to when they get stuck. Doing this reduces the number of problems that may arise as a result of using the wrong aftercare product or routine.

Does Oily Hair lead to slippage of hair extension?

Clients will come to you with different types of hair. Some will come with coarse hair, others with fly away hair, some with very thin hair and a host of them will already be suffering from hair loss. It is important to consider the unique needs of a client before making use of any particular fitting because no single method will work for everybody. It is best to avoid micro ring/tube fitting to hair that has an oily texture. Excessive oil often causes the hair extension to loosen, eventually leading to slippage which of course no client will be happy about.

What kind of hair extension should be used on an oily hair?

There are two options clients with oily hair can choose from. First, if you meet with a client who insists upon using micro ring/ tube fitting on her hair that contains excess oil, it is important to fully inform her of implications of her choice. Nothing really stops you from using this type of fitting on her hair provided she is willing to putting in more effort than an average client would, to her hair maintenance.

Another option is to settle for other forms of fitting such as pre bonded nail tip hair extensions. This type of fitting is fused through the use of a heat connector to the hair, which will of course be affected in different ways. It is important to make your client aware of aftercare techniques for different types of extensions.

Minimize the chances of Micro Ring Slippage through the advice shared here

Adhering to all guidance procedures shared here reduces the chances of your client experiencing micro ring slippage, as it would make you consider every possible eventuality. It is only a very few clients that will experience this kind of problem as micro ring/tubes offer a very secure alternative for hair extension fitting. It is very important to know how to find effective and fast solutions for the few clients with different kind of hair who will occasionally experience problems.

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