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Miley Cyrus Hair Evolution: From ‘Hannah Montana’ Hair Extensions To Blonde Mohawk And Pixie Cut, Here’s The ‘We Can’t Stop’ Singer’s Hair Timeline

Miley Cyrus proves that a haircut can change your image – and your life. Since trading her long, wavy, Disney princess hair in for a short blonde haircut in 2012, the “We Can’t Stop” singer has worn her pixie in a variety of styles, from a punk Mohawk, to a blonde buzz-cut, to a surfer’s swoop. In fact, Cyrus, 20, has even said that her short haircut changed her life – and revealed that the long, thick, wavy hair she was known for pre-pixie was all extensions.
    “That was not real. None of it was ever real. None of it was ever growing out of my head,” Cyrus told Harper’s Bazaar this summer.
    Looking at an old photograph of herself, she said, “That's my Nashville life, my simple life. That's my simple life yet I have like 350 extensions in my hair.” From 2007, when she rose to fame in “Hannah Montana,” until she cut her hair in 2012, Cyrus kept the same style: long, thick, wavy brunette tresses. Getting that bleach-blonde pixie cut signaled that Cyrus was leaving her Disney image behind and forming her own identity – and she has said that the haircut changed her life. “No one would have planned a haircut to change my life,” Cyrus told the Toronto Star. “I didn’t plan a haircut to change my life. I just cut my hair and then it really changed my lfe. There’s something about having no hair that it screams being confiden." Click through the slideshow above to see Cyrus’ transformation from Disney child star to the confident pop star she is today.