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Our Aftercare Products Range:

Aftercare Products for Hair Extensions.

When using hair extensions is very important to keep your extensions in great condition, therefore is absolutely vital that you use the correct aftercare products, without proper aftercare and a good aftercare routine, unfortunately your extensions will suffer as hair extensions will become dry naturally. This is because hair extensions cannot produce the natural oils like your own natural hair. When using our hair extensions we recommend you use our own brand after care products, as they are tried and tested by professionals and specially designed for human hair extensions. These aftercare products will replace the hair's natural oils, help protect the hair from heat and also make your hair look fantastic for longer!


250ml Hair Extension Shampoo:

This hair extension aftercare product is the best to cleanse the natural and synthetic type of hair extensions. This will maintain your hair in excellent condition to do various hair styling. The shampoo is easy to wash as it is non-drying and a mild shampoo too. It does not contain any harmful chemicals like the citric acid. This product is tried, tested and proven by the professionals. Its best combined with our Hair Extension Conditioner for a long-term care.

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Large 250ml Conditioner:

This aftercare product is specially entailed for hair conditioning treatment. This will nourish and moisturize your natural hair and the extended hair. The conditioning treatment will help improve the feel, appearance and manageability your extensions. This product is good for all types of hair. This conditioner is tried and tested by professionals. We recommend using this product in combination with our Hair Extension Shampoo.

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Large 250ml Sodium Chloride Free Shampoo:

Comes in a 250ml easy pump bottle, tried and tested for use with human hair extensions. This product helps prevent your hair from drying out as its sodium-free, which will help increase the chances of prolonging the life of your extensions

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Large 250ml Sodium Chloride Free Conditioner:

This aftercare product come in a large (easy-pump) bottle and it not only give an intense glossy finish but will help prolong the life of your extensions as its sodium-chloride free which will not dry out your hair extensions, which results your hair lasting longer!

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Large 250ml Leave In Protein Spray:

This product is profoundly designed for use with human hair extensions. This will make your hair enriched and healthy. The leave-in protein will help increase the moisture levels for strong, smooth hair. Your hair can re-gain those lost proteins, which are lost naturally.

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Large 250ml Shampoo and Conditioner Twin Pack:

The hair extensions cannot re-nourish themselves and will become dry overtime. You need to keep them nourished to look in great condition. Our all-new 250ml twin-pack nourishes your hair extension by hydrating, moisturizing, conditioning and leaves your hair looking in fab condition. The combination of this twin pack is the best for conditioning any type of hair extensions. This twin pack will save you money as individual pack!

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100ml Hair Extension Boost:

This is an essential aftercare treatment for hair extensions. It will soften, polish and add sleek, looks to your locks. We recommend using this product weekly twice. Apply this oil from hair root to the tip of your hair. However will recommend avoid any keratin bonds. You can apply and leave this booster cream on for 10-minutes. Later on, clean your hair with Luke warm water. This is currently a bestseller product from our aftercare range.

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30ml Heat Protection Serum Spray:

We recommend this product for those who use heat tools on a regular basis. It can withstand the heat of hair straightening and hair dryers. A few drops of this serum are enough to cover the entire hair on your head. This will add extra protection to your hair and also gives you a natural radiance for your hair. The ions present in this serum will protect from hair styling damages caused due to heat from the hair styling tools. Its thermal protection properties keep away from flyway static hair and split-ends.

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30ml Argan Moroccan Oil Treatment:

This Argan oil treatment is to nourish Vitamin E for human hair extensions. This after care product has natural anti-oxidants. This hair care treatment will make your hair look shining, smooth and healthy. We suggest using this oil regularly if you use hair styling equipment. It can withstand the heat from blowing hair dryers and steaming iron while hair straightening. A few drops of Argan Moroccan Oil is enough to spread across your entire hair on the head.

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Full Hair Extension AfterCare Kit:

Hair Extension Shampoo 250ml Its an essential mild shampoo, which is tested to use for the human hair extensions. It gently cleanses and helps keep your extensions in great condition.

Hair Extension Conditioner 250ml This hair conditioner will nourish your hair naturally. It moisturises your hair and keeps them beautiful throughout the day.

Extension Protein Spray 250ml Use this spray to regain the lost protein in your hair extensions. The hair extensions need more proteins than your natural hair. This spray will nourish your hair naturally.

Heat Serum Protection 30ml This heat serum will protect your hair from hot hair styling tools, hair straightening and hair dryers. Also helps prevent split ends, simply add a few drops to cover the entire head!

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