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Reopening Your Salon After Lockdown.

The lockdown has had a huge impact on everything, business or beauty! Women were not able to visit salons and many professionals could not go to work. Now the government have given a start date of 4th of July everybody is waiting eagerly for the day when they can start visiting the salons again.

Covid19 has not left mankind yet but still you have to move on. Thus to ensure safety of your employees, clients and of course yourself it is important that you take safety measures.

Here is the checklist.

Tighten up your cleaning schedule:
No need to say that cleanness is extremely important now, more than ever! You have to keep the salon clean, disinfect it between each client and sanitize it so that you do not spread the virus. Make this schedule even tighter than before so you can be sure that your salon is clean and sanitized.

Try to maintain social distancing:
It’s true in a hair salon you cannot work from a distance of 2m, but do not forget about it totally. Try to increase the distance between two clients sitting. You can increase the distance between chairs or keep a few chairs empty. Try not to allow any client in waiting area. Ask them to take appointments and come at schedules time so that you can provide better service. Do not allow children in your salon.

Provide the correct training:
You have to train your staff properly about the new social distancing norms. They are the one who will be proving service and also communicate with your clients. Train them properly about how to maintain social distancing and make your clients aware of the changes politely.

Attracting new clients:
Once you reopen your salon you will not get back all your clients back. Some of them may not feel comfortable. You have to work on how to attract new customers so that your business keeps rolling. You shouldn't have a problem short-term as many would be begging for an appointment after the lockdown!

Communicate with your clients :
Just like your staff, your clients also need training,. They are aware of the social distancing norms but how to do that in a salon is something that is unknown to them. Make plans for how to make appointment and maintain it. Ask them to make sure about the services that they need to take so that you know the time you will be allocating to each of them. Also make sure you tell them that they should be there if they do not have any symptoms of the disease. If they develop in the meantime the appointment should be cancelled.

While doing all this make sure that you have kept all the essentials handy. Keep PPE equipment available for your staff and yourself, sanitizing options and other essentials ready before you reopen.

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