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Rules for Going to Hairdressers & Beauty Salons after Lockdown (Quick Read)

As lockdown measures have been alleviated, you must be excited to visit your nearest salon to get your hair and nails done. It’s important to stay vigilant and follow the health and safety protocols set by the government. Keep in mind that beauty salons and hairdressers are obligated to follow the pandemic guidelines to protect their staff and their customers. So before you go to these establishments, take note of the below mentioned rules:

1. Visit by appointment only.

Remember to make an appointment with your favourite salon or hairdresser ahead of time. The same rule applies if you are dropping by to purchase aftercare products, hair extensions, or hair pieces.

2. Show up on time.

Avoid being late, even for five to 10 minutes. Timings will be very strict to get you in as safely as possible. In case you are late, the salon reserves the right not to accommodate you.

That said, it’s best to avoid being too early as waiting inside the salon is not allowed. You will have to stay outside (or in your parked car) until your designated appointment time.

3. Show up by yourself.

Do not bring anyone else with you on your appointment. Salons are trying to minimise the number of people coming in to practice social distancing, so they cannot have your partners, friends, family, or kids waiting during your appointment.

4. Wear a mask.

All staff and clients are required to wear a face mask. Not all salons may provide you with a face mask if you do not have one, so it is better if you have your own.

5. Allow the staff to check your temperature.

Clients and staff will have their temperature checked before entering the salon. If your body temperature is higher than average (37.5oC or beyond), you cannot come in and you will be asked to reschedule. Do not go to your appointment if you have any COVID-19 symptoms or you simply feel unwell. Reschedule around two weeks later.

6. Wash your hands.

Some salons will have an area for sanitation where you can wash your hands and use a hand sanitiser.

7. Don’t bring a lot of things.

This is to avoid cross-contamination, so bring only a small purse with your essential belongings, and keep it next to you at all times.

8. Take note of the cancellation policy.

Should you need to cancel your appointment, do so ahead of time, preferably 48 hours ahead of your schedule.

9. Be patient.

Salons and hairdressers will be very busy during reopening, so they are asking for your cooperation. They will be doing their best to ensure that you can get your hair and nails done safely and in a timely way.