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Selecting The Best Hair Extension Options.


Which Hair Extension Suits to Your Hair?

Most of us prefer to have long hair because long hair enables us to appear more stylish. However, everyone may not have such beautiful long natural hair. But, there is a solution. Instead of waiting to grow their have naturally, the quick solution is to have hair extensions applied. Those who do not have lengthy hair can rely on hair extensions for hair styling. However there are many types of hair extensions to choose from. One must choose the hair extension that suits best to their hair type. It is very important to select the correct hair extensions whether you have thin and fine hair or thick and voluminous hair. You may visit the salon and consult your hair stylist also prior to choosing the hair extensions which suits you best.


Different Types Of Hair Extensions & Choosing The Best Type For You:

1. If you have fine, thin hair go for Tape-In Hair Extensions: This method is known to be a very quick application. They hair stylist will attach mini wefts of hair to your hair sections using either double or single sided undetectable and discreet tape. The extensions can be reusable if looked after correctly. Avoid silicone or oil-based aftercare product to prevent any slipping of the tape.

2. If your hair is medium to thick volume, go for Micro-Bead Hair Extensions: Small sections of your original hair get single strand hair extensions clamped to them with small and discreet micro ring. No chemicals are used in the process. Avoid silicone or oil-based product to prevent slipping of beads.

3. If your hair is of medium density go for Clip-In Hair Extensions: This hair extension wonderfully changes your look in an instant! These are in fact extensions for temporary use. You may fix them when you go for certain events or for special occasions. Before going to sleep you must remove them to protect your natural hair. These are long wefts of hair which will be attached to your natural hair. You use pressure-sensitive clips to attach the hair extensions. Those who want to go for permanent hair extensions can get these temporary extensions first to see how they look with hair extensions.

4. Those who have medium to thick have one more choice Fusion Pre Bonded Hair Extensions: The advantage of nail-tipped hair extension is it will last intact for a long time, though it may take several hours to apply them. No other hair extension will last so long. In this method, individual strands of human hair will be fused/bonded with your natural hair. Keratin is used as the glue for bonding the extensions. Our hair is also made of keratin which is a type of protein. Oils, conditioners and other hair products will start dissolve the bond. When the hair extensions have been applied, avoid getting such products near the bond areas. Fusion bonded hair extensions can only be used only once, unless you re-bond the tips which is a very time consuming process.

5. If you have thick, coarse or curly hair? Opt for Sew-In Hair Weft Extensions: First, sections of your natural hair are braided in rows from your left ear to right ear. Then wefts of hair will be sewed into the braids. Needle and thread are used for sewing. These hair extensions are reusable and can be cut according to your requirements. Heat or glue is not used in this process. Periodically you have to tighten the braids. So, you may have to go to the salon once in a month. The only disadvantage is that since the extensions are heavy, they may damage fine hair, so do not use they if you have thin or fine hair, sew-in hair extensions are not suitable to all. However, the best thing about hair wefts they can be applied in many different ways.


A Few Tips For Those Who Use Hair Extensions:

• Those who have thick hair may go for heavier hair extensions. The extensions should blend with texture of your hair.
• Those who have fine hair may go for hair extensions that are lightweight. This helps prevent hair loss and hair damage.
• When you select hair extensions, ensure that they match density of your natural hair. Extensions are can be heavy. When they put stress on your natural hair it may break.
• Do not keep hair extensions for too long periods. It may lead to hair loss, hair breakage or traction alopecia.
• Get your hair extensions replaced as instructed by your hair stylist. If the hair extensions are to be replaced after every two months, do follow the schedule.
• Strictly follow the instructions from the hairdresser regarding maintenance of your hair extensions.
• Each extension is connected to your natural hair at a particular spot. Sometimes, your hair style may make that spot visible. In that case you can hide that spot using hair building fibers. The extension track will disappear when you apply the spray that closely matches your root.

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