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Style Your Hair With Ponytail Extensions.

Do you love ponytails but cannot make them? Try our gorgeous ponytail hair extensions that are designed uniquely for adding length and thickness to any regular ponytail. You can style your ponytail instantly with these ponytail extensions the way you like. Whether its low ponytail or high ponytail or a simple bun, just do them and flaunt your style.

How to do a ponytail with extensions:
There are many benefits of using a ponytail extension. It not only increases the length of your hair but also gives you a lot of choices when it comes to styling your hair. These simple steps will help you use a ponytail extension.

Step 1: Make a ponytail with your hair:
At the crown of your head make a high ponytail with your hair by brushing it properly.
Step 2: Brush the ponytail extension:
Take a loop hair extension brush and gently brush the ponytail extension. You must remove any tangles from the ponytail extension.
Step 3: Secure your ponytail extensions:
Slide the comb of the Velcro of ponytail extension under your ponytail. Then wrap the Velcro base of the ponytail extension around your own ponytail. Make sure that it overlaps and it is secure.
Step 4:Conceal the base of your ponytail:
The next aim is to conceal the band and for this wrap the hair strand at the base of ponytail. You may use pins or hair grippers for securing them at place.
Step 5:Its done, style and Go!
Move your head and make sure that the ponytail extension is secured. Now style with it the way you like and go!

What hairstyles go well with ponytail extensions?

You can style with ponytail extension but what are the styles that goes well? Here are they:

Low Ponytail:
In order to make a low ponytail you need to tie your hair at the nape. then wrap the extension as mentioned above. Once done you have a low ponytail that is voluminous and long.

Hair Bun:
Hair buns has its own look and you can look great with it. Ponytail hair extensions makes making bun easier. Secure the ponytail extension at your crown. Now, dive the ponytail into two sections. start twisting these two sections until and unless you have two long twists. Make a thick rope braid by wrapping the two twisted hair extensions together. Now, wrap this braid into a base and secure it with pins. You are ready with the bun.