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The Secret To Beautiful Natural Hair Is A Healthy Heart

Most women are not satisfied with their hair. Expectations about hair is totally different than what they really have. This leads to spending their hard earned money on salons, hair extensions and different products that promise that they will give a beautiful bounce to their hair.

Its true that these things may provide beauty to hair but nothing can compare to its natural beauty. If you have a healthy scalp you have done the half work. So, you need to start with that.

How Hair Growth Works:Whatever dream you shared for your hair, when you grow up most of them are seen broken! Female type baldness and other problems keep you feel low and do not allow you to manage your hair properly. You need to work on your hair and that is true but before that you need to ensure that your heart is healthy! Yes, it is heart that maintains blood circulation within your body. If your scalp get enough circulation of blood it will be healthy too. Thus, having a good hair starts with a healthy heart. Thus, lets find out how to look after it.

Your Diet: A healthy diet is always important. Eat diet that is a perfect mix of proteins, vitamins, starches, fruits and vegetables. It will develop your immune system, help you combat disease and also give the natural luster to your hair.

Protein:Do you know your hair cells are made up of 80% of a protein named keratin. That tells it clearly why protein is so important for a healthy heart as well as healthy hair. If you are not taking enough protein then whatever you take will be given to your muscles. Your brain will distribute to those parts first that are most important for living. You can try keratin supplement for boosting the health of your hair.

Iron: Its blood that carries oxygen to different part of your body. It is made up of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. RBC has hemoglobin that does the work of oxygen carrying. When iron level is low then this transfer can be stressful. Thus, eat food that are rich in iron. It will maintain the hemoglobin level of your blood and keep you healthy.

Stress: Stress has taken toll of modern life. There are different reasons that makes you stressful. Different signs of stress not only affect you mentally but also physically. It affects your hair follicles too. They start greying out or even fall off. Thus, to have healthy hair make sure you try different tress coping strategies.

No words are need to explain how important exercising for your heart health. When you heart is healthy you can be sure that your body too is getting essential nutrients including your hair. When you do different exercises then your body gets enough blood circulation and that is true for your scalp too.