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Thinking of using Hair Extensions?

For many people, it can be a major decision to get hair extensions. As without extensions the only way to gain length or volume is to grow your hair naturally. However, after obtaining extensions, you can add as much of 22-inch length hair and extra volume within seconds. The hair of an average woman grows up to 6 inches every year. Thus, with one session, you can actually add hair growth worth 3 ½ years.

In case you go for glue or micro bonded extensions, a specific extension set would persist for a few months. In a few cases, these can last for as long as 1 year, these can be applied and removed very easily.

However, hair extensions are extremely alluring. These make damaged or limp hair long and more voluminous, or can provide you with a fantastic look for some special event such as a wedding or prom night. When you have the best expertise and appropriate kind of hair, you may have the best appearance. This is ultimately the reason why a lot of women like to have hair extensions.

Hair Extensions – What are the Pros and Cons?

There are many strengths and weaknesses of hair extensions.


  1. Make limp hair thicker and fuller – In case you have hair that is naturally greasy or fine in texture, you might have already found how tough it is to add permanent volume to them with hair products. Even backcombing most vigorously will manage to make hair flat within a short time. You will go back to square one, with dull and limp hair.

Hair extensions happen to be the sole permanent solution for flattened hair. You can find a wonderful difference with even a few strands that are placed carefully. These can make fine hair thicker and make your hair look fuller and fantastic in appearance.

  • Can last for a long time – Generally, our natural hair extensions can last for about 2 to 3 months. You have to expect these to retain their lustrous nature all through. Once it is time for you to change the same, you may reduce the expenses by just reapplying or tightening extensions. You can extend the life of your original extension set for longer with effective aftercare.
  • Available in varied colours – You can find these extensions in any type of color. Thus, you may have a customized set that can be an exact match for that of your natural hair. In case you ever wished to experiment with your own hair color, pick extensions available in varied dark and light tones. Add highlights or lowlights that look natural, without damaging your hair with strong chemicals. We also offer a range of ombre shades if you would like a change in appearance.


  1. Maintenance – If you opt for synthetic extensions tend to get worn and torn out fast, especially in case you do not properly care for them. Similarly, you have to store clip-on extensions in extremely specific conditions and ensure they are tangle-free. Toss them out into the garbage bin as soon as you find extensions tangling into a mess. However human hair is a lot more manageable.

Whereas improper extensions may cause problems to you, they can be reduced with the sophisticated methods that have been introduced today. These can make your hair extensions easily manageable, similar to your own hair. Pick natural and superior hair extensions and a good hairstylist. It might cost you more in the beginning, but can be worthwhile over time.

  • Always apparent – It is true that extensions may stay noticeable when using certain methods. In the last few years, hair extension methods have evolved a lot. However, these might still be apparent to the trained eyes. You can avoid this by choosing costlier micro or nano ring treatment rather than opting for glue, and retaining your extensions in as nice state as your standard hair, also always use an experienced hair stylist.
  • Can damage natural hair – In case you leave hair extensions for very long or pull at them, you might damage your original hair. You can have more damaged and finer hair than what you earlier had. But if you care for your extensions better and sit with your hairstylist for regular session, this will not be a problem anymore.