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Top 3 Valentines Day DIY Hairstyles.

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? No matter how you choose to celebrate it, you will surely want to look and feel beautiful on this special day. One of the ways to elevate your style is to give your mane a boost with professional hair extensions. All that added volume will allow you to style your hair in multiple ways and rock any look you want. Below are some fun and easy hairstyles you can do for Valentine’s Day using high-quality extensions:

1. Beach Waves

Wearing your hair down is a timeless look that can go with any outfit and occasion. Make sure you are wearing professional hair extensions such as clip-ins or micro-loops to achieve a thicker mane.

But instead of leaving your hair straight or in tight curls, consider carrying beach waves. This flirty hairstyle can easily be achieved with a curling wand. Don’t worry, as these high-quality heat-resistant hair extensions can easily create that wavy look. Just remember to use a heat protective serum before hand to avoid frizziness.

2. Slick-Back Low Ponytail:

This superb looking hairstyle goes with a wide range of looks; making it perfect for any outfit you might want to wear on Valentine’s Day. With the use of professional hair extensions you can make a ponytail that is much thicker. Try a side part or a middle part, whichever you are comfortable with. Brush your hair back and secure it with a subtle hair tie, then take some strands of your hair from under the ponytail to wrap it around the hair tie. Secure it with bobby pins.

3. Messy Bun:

This hairstyle is super easy to do when you’re in a hurry. Once the hair extensions are set, take a handful of your front locks for light teasing and tie the rest of your hair with a sturdy hair tie. Grasp your ponytail inside out around your hair tie and tie it again. Your ponytail doesn’t have to be perfect. But remember to fluff out the hair a bit. If there are loose strands, tuck them in the bun and hair tie. Use bobby pins to keep the bun in place.

Get The Right Hair Extensions:

These are some of the hairstyles you can do on your own for Valentine’s Day with professional hair extensions. Be sure to check special discount promotions from our shop here at HairXtensions.co.uk. You may even qualify to receive free Valentine goodies, such as love heart sweets on every purchase, simply add them to your cart when checking out! Also take a look at our range of aftercare gift sets for hair extensions. They make perfect gifts for yourself and your loved ones!