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Understanding Hair Cuticles.

As you plan to use human hair extensions, you must develop an understanding of the extensions quality too. This will help you decide the right kind of extension for you.

What decides the quality of hair extensions?

  • The factors deciding the quality of human hair extension are as follows:
  • Where are you getting the raw hair from matters highly. The hair must be collected from the best regions for exclusive quality.
  • How the hair is processed? How the cuticles of the hair has been maintained or retained?

Average health of human hair: A normal human in an average sheds hair daily. The shedding may vary from 40 to 200 hairs per day, and varies from person to person based on health, immunity, genetics, age, weather and many such factors. Many of these shed hair goes down the drain, falls to the floor, are thrown to the bin, stays stuck to the hair brush, or just goes unnoticed.

If you see closely look at the hair strand that is damaged under a microscope or see one such picture, you would find out that the hair strand has damaged cuticle, and the cuticle are dry, torn, frizzy and stuck out inside of being smooth. But cuticles in a healthy hair lay flat and smooth intact and closed, and the strand has a smooth texture.

Importance of cuticle maintenance in hair? If the cuticle is not maintained in hair, and the cuticles are broken and damaged, then the hair would be prone to breaking and would be tangled dull and damaged. Hence when you buy extension you must know about the origin of hair. The hair must have been collected from such region where the diet is good, quality of hair is maintained, and the hair is also collected from ethical and healthy sources.

While buying hair extension, look for the term remy. Remy hair extensions means the cuticles in the extension are all lines up in the same direction. And this decides the quality of the hair extensions. If the cuticles are carefully aligned at the same direction then the hairs won’t tangle, break, or look dull. This means lustrous, shiny, tangle free and soft to touch high quality hair extensions. Then they can be cared for like normal hair, washed and shampooed and used for a long time.

General Guide: How to care for remy hair extensions?