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Unveiling the Love Island Glam: A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving the Hottest Styles of 2023

The previous years were all about fuss-free hairstyles and natural textures, but 2023 and beyond is about going extra! So, if you’re thinking of changing your look, now is the time, and this guide is for you. Here’s everything you need to know to achieve the hottest styles, whether you’re planning to use Remy hair extensions for longer locks or going for a new cut and colour!

Low-maintenance style with a twist

Not everyone has enough time to style their hair every day, which is why low-maintenance styles are always on trend. Tape-in hair extensions are perfect for this, and with proper care, they will stay frizz-free and smooth with enough shine like your natural locks. They’re super easy to style, whether you want a retro look, shaggy layers, or a blunt straight cut.

Create textures

Do you have naturally fine hair? Layering can add more volume and texture to it, especially when done with our Remy hair extensions! Focus midway down your locks to the ends so you can retain enough volume, even on days when you’re too lazy to blow-dry or style your mane.

The 1970s long cut

The hairstyles of the 1970s are back—but with an update. Give those soft, fluffy, and feathered long locks more volume with our tape-in hair extensions!

Choppy layers

This haircut brings edgy and cool together with layers and bangs. If you don’t have enough length for layers, our Remy hair extensions are for you.

Layered mid-length cut

Do you have coloured hair? Make it more interesting with easy layers and keep it at a versatile mid-length to minimise styling time.


Balayage involves hand-painting highlights onto your hair to create a natural and soft gradation of lightness until the ends. This results in a fresh and summery look all year that still looks natural, even as your roots show.

Are you ready for a new hairstyle this year? Shop for tape-in hair extensions here and get the best products that will transform your look naturally. We also carry care products here at HairXtensions to make your extensions last.