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Ways to prevent discolouration?

Unfortunately discolouration can effect blonde hair extensions by certain elements.

Some of these elements are chlorine chemicals from swimming pools, mixed with heat, sea salt and sea air. It’s actually these culprits effect the blonde tones of the extensions which can decrease the colour, turn the hair orange or pink and even create a brassy look.

Its recommended not to wear hair extensions whilst you are on holiday, especially with the lighter blonde colours, but if you happen to violate this rule, its advisible to wear a shower cap and use a chlorine protector to remove off the culprits mentioned above. Even better, don't get your hair wet!

In case, if you against the above mentioned recommendation and wear your hair extensions even during your vacation, then on your return to home, you will find your hair has changed colour to pink or brassy. In order to help you to overcome these issues, then we would recommend you the following:

Take 2 parts of hot water and blend it with 1 part of apple cider vinegar. Soak your hair for approximately about 30 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly using Blue Shampoo. However, a visit to your regular hair dresser to help you apply the hair toner would be advisible and make sure you do a strand test before using this product.

We cannot be responsible for our hair turned into pink, orange or gone brassy. It is your own choice to wear your hair extensions whilst on holiday, it is done at your own risk.

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