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Ways to prevent my extensions matting?

Why do Hair Extensions Matt at their root?

This is a topic most extension wearers would rather shy away from even though it is one general problem faced by extension wearers. The major cause of this problem has been having little knowledge when it comes to proper after care of one’s hair extension.

Can you explain what you mean my matted hair extension?

Matting occurs when your natural hair and that of the extension combines somewhere along your scalp, causing bonds to intertwine with each other. As time progresses, the matted section of your hair will grow bigger with more hair strands getting tangled. It is a lot easier to take care of matting problems when it initially starts but if left unattained to, the matted section will get bigger as solving the problem becomes increasingly difficult.

What makes hair extensions to get matted at the root?

The aftercare routine one adopts has been identified as one of the major causes of matting. Though proper aftercare of your hair extension isn’t much of a task, there are some rules you will have to stick to so as to make your hair extension easy to manage when it tangled.

What causes hair extension to get matted at the root?

There are basically 3 reasons why hair extensions get matted at the root; going to bed with hair extension, improper setting of the extension and then failure to get the bonds separated at the roots. Let’s have an in depth look at them.

Failure to get hair extension bonds separated leads to tangling and matting.

One of your daily responsibility when caring for your hair extension, is to separate your extension bonds when they get tangled. There is nothing really difficult about this. All you need do is to run your finger right through your scalp in the morning and evening as do so detangles every hair strand that might have tangled in the day or at night. Doing this on daily basis prevents your hair bonds from tangling up, ultimately cutting out matting of your hair. If there is a task you avoid to miss when caring for your hair extension, you must keep the bonds of your extensions separated.

Going to bed with a wet extension causes it to get tangled and matted.

This is the second most common reason why hair extension gets matted at their root. You can’t just afford to go to bed with a wet hair extensions. You must let your extensions dry and then fixed into plait to prevent the hair from getting tangled when you asleep. Going to bed even with a slightly wet hair will have an adverse effect on the sitting of your hair especially at its root. One of the fastest ways of getting your extensions to get tangled is slipping into the habit of sleeping with wet hair extension. If for any reason you can’t just wait for your wet extension to get dried before going to bed, then you are better off greasing it instead of going to bed with wet hair.

Applying hair extension in the wrong manner causes it to get tangled and matted.

Using the wrong technique to apply hair extensions can cause it to get tangled and matted. But this should not be your case if it was a professional that set your extension. Hair extension that hasn’t be fitted properly will ultimately suffer from matting and tangling. It is important for bonded hair extensions to be applied methodically using well-arranged lines. Poorly arranged bonded lines will ultimately end up getting tangled and matted. You have to be sure that whoever fits your hair extension has the skill to do so. If you aren’t sure, then ask them to provide a sample of their work.

How to prevent your hair extension from getting matted and tangled at the root.

You will have to religiously follow the rules below in preventing your extension from getting matted and tangled.

⦁ On no account should you go to bed with wet extensions.

⦁ When washing your hair, avoid massaging the scalp but gently run your fingers through your hair with a shampoo.

⦁ Get your hair plaited before going to bed.

⦁ Ensure the bonds are separated on daily basis. Try making a habit out of it.

⦁ It is important that you use the right set of extension brush and after-care products.

Steps you have to take if your extension ends up getting matted.

The very first thing you will have to do when your extension gets matted is to book a maintenance session with the person that fixed your hair. What they will have to do is to get the matted hair removed and replaced. However, procrastination will be your number one enemy. If taking care of very early, matted hair problem can be solved. Never wish it will go away because it will never does.

Caring for your hair extension by separating the bonds when they get tangled will sure increase the longevity of your hair extension. It is important you protect your hair as doing so leaves you with a set of lovely hair.

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