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What are Double Weft Hair Extensions?

Double weft hair extensions have 2 wefts of hair sewn together. They are perfect for adding more volume to your hair compared to single weft hair extensions. You do not need lots of clips to manage your hair while using double weft hair extensions. If you have thinner hair that lacks volume and bounce, then you should consider using double weft hair extensions. It also allows you to hide the clips that you need to have thick locks. Since the extension is thicker than regular single weft extensions, you will not have to buy more strands. Double weft hair extensions are costlier as they offer more hair than single weft extensions.

The current article provides insights into who should use double weft hair extensions, how to put them on, and how to take care of them.

Putting on Double Weft Hair Extension?

You should start at your earlobe height for putting on double weft hair extensions. This will provide enough length and make the extensions blend naturally. You should ensure to have an even hair part for the best results.

How to Take Care of Double Weft Hair Extension?

You should take good care of your double weft hair extensions to keep them and your hair in good condition. The first tip is to avoid sleeping with untied hair. Your hair extensions can get damaged due to tossing and turning during sleep. It is best to tie your hair gently in a ponytail or use a spiral hairband to protect the hair extensions from getting damaged. You should never go to bed with wet or damp hair. This is because your hair is the weakest and prone to damage when wet. You must always pat your hair dry before sleeping.

Since double weft hair extensions are thicker and more voluminous, they tend to get tangled earlier. You should use a good quality hair extension brush to detangle your hair daily. Always brush your hair along its length from bottom to top. Do not brush the hair harshly as it can get damaged. You must follow the correct hair washing regime to keep the hair extensions healthy. Avoid using shampoo or conditioners that have harsh chemicals like sulfates. We recommend our hair extension aftercare range of shampoo and conditioner's which are perfect to use on all hair types. You should also resist the temptation to play with your outgrown hair extensions. It can damage the extensions and make them break or fall, giving you uneven hair.

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