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Why Keratin Is Starting To Go Soft & Sticky?

Do You Have Soft or Sticky Keratin Bonds?

We explain the reasons why keratin can start to break down and lose its strength and ways to prevent it from happening.


Reasons Why The Keratin Can Lose Its Strength?

There are several ways which can effect the keratin bonds, if any conditioner/creamy shampoo or anything oily is allowed to soak in the bonds (this is the most common issue) or even styling products such as hair spray - failure to wash this out correctly will cause the keratin bonds to brake-down, this is when the bonds turn’s soft and sticky. Its also important not to allow the bonds to have any contact with heat (from tools such as hair dryers) or washing the bonds under hot water, its only advisable to wash the hair under luke warm water.

If any dye, bleach, toner or chemicals from swimming pools has any contact with the extensions this would seriously damage the bonds.

If you are experiencing this problem using Nail-Tip Extensions, here are a few other possibilities:

▪ When applying hair extensions the heat connector should be between 160-170 degrees in order to melt the keratin bonds correctly, too high or too low can effect the keratin.
▪ The bond should also be rolled correctly to create a seal, this will create a strong bond which can last up to a few months.
▪ Hair was not clean before application (i.e. greasy, conditioner, serum) this will not allow the bonds to take to the hair correctly.
▪ After application the hair should not be washed for at least 24 - 48hrs as the keratin bonds are at there weakest.
▪ If the bonds have been cut in half to reduce visibility, will also not create a strong seal and be of weakness.

The Solution?

If the keratin has been effected by any of the reasons above, we highly recommend using a Dry Shampoo. By applying dry shampoo into the roots and over the bonds this will help harden up the soft/sticky keratin and resolve the problems you are experiencing.

Its very important that these instructions are carefully followed as some issues from chemicals or if the damage is left too long can be irreversible, for further information please visit our Aftercare Guide

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