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Why Use Remy Micro Loop Hair Extensions?

Of all the types of Remy human hair extensions available here in the UK, micro loops are probably the most convenient to use. Here's a list of the reasons why they’re worth trying:

Like micro rings but easier to apply:

Micro loop hair extensions and micro ring hair extensions use a similar application technique. But because micro loop extensions have pre-attached beads/rings and plastic wires, they are ready for immediate application. All you need to do is to take a portion of your hair and take it through the loop. Push the micro ring towards the roots and secure the extensions using application pliers.

Requires fewer application tools than micro ring hair extensions:

Not only do Remy micro loop hair extensions reduce the amount of work that goes into applying it—it also reduces the overall costs. Unlike micro ring hair extensions, they no longer require additional micro-rings and a threader. You only need a plier to clamp the micro rings and fuse the extensions securely with the natural hair.

Doesn’t need to be replaced every now and then:

Compared to clip-ins and tape-in extensions, micro loop hair extensions are more difficult to apply. But what makes them a convenient option is that they are can stay for weeks and even months in your hair. In fact, you can even wash the extensions while it is fitted in your natural hair. This makes hair maintenance less of a hassle. With the right aftercare shampoo and conditioner, you can keep your extensions looking healthy, shiny, and beautiful for as long as possible.

Easy to remove:

The process of removing micro loop hair extensions is fast and simple. Pry the micro rings open and the hair extensions will slide from the secured attachment. Just make sure to use a micro ring opener plier to make this task easier.