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History of Miley Cyrus Hair Styling.

Among the celebrities, it’s Miley Cyrus, who went through various hair makeover at various times to flaunt her hair. She always had a new look through the years ever since she started her career as the Disney babe in 2006. Read on to know the various avatars she had taken simply by styling her hair at different times.

In 2006 she got hair highlights of honey color on curled up volume added hair, which looked awesome on her. She got a cute innocent look for that and this school girl look suited for the role of Hannah Montana the series on Disney channel.

In 2007 she used a blonde wig during the Hannah Montana series. This suited her the best.

In 2010 she got ready for the Oscars with a nice updo style with her warm brown colored hair. This look was a sophisticated womanly one, which was so very different from the teenage look she wore before.

In 2010 in the American Music Awards ceremony she was seen in sparkly honey brown shining looks of the hair, which she got through a blow dry.
In 2011 she was seen in the American Giving Awards here she had a sleek and shiny ponytail.

In 2012 Miley wore a blonde extra voluptuous hair with a bob cut at the Billboard Music Awards. This was a 60’s inspired look and gave her shoulder length hair a beautiful style and volume.

In the same year Miley was seen again in a pixie cut. She looked completely changed and carried the peroxide pixie very nicely.

In 2013, while her hair was growing she got a blunt bob cut which gave her a 1920s look.

In the 2015 hair Miley was again seen with her still short hair. This time in Met Gala, she has a teal colored hair, which were short pixie, and were styled with a lot of gloss and gel.

In the same year in the MTV Music Video Awards she startled her fans with a completely different look. This time she was wearing a long ponytail of blonde hair, which was sleek.

Again in 2015, she was with a completely different spacey roped bunds hairstyle in the premier of the movie A Very Murray Christmas.

2016 saw another look of Miley in The Voice, where she came as a judge by replacing Gwen Stefani, and here she flaunted her French braids and bangs.

In 2017 she was styling her hair with high ponytails with contrasting color roots and strands.

In 2018 she again went to Met Gala, this time with a simple open hair that were styled boho.

The same year she married when she just styled her hair with classic waves.

In 2019 in the premier of Isn’t It Romantic, she wore a sleek and high pony tail.

In this same year in the Vanity Fair Oscars she wore beach waves on her long blonde hair.