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Micro-Loop Fitting Guide

Micro loop hair extensions are very similar to stick-tip (micro-ring method) and only difference is that micro loop comes with the micro ring already applied ready to apply, which reduces the cost of application. These hair extensions come with a plastic loop inserted inside to aid the fitting process and the micro rings are colour coded to the same colour as the hair shades.

Tools Needed For Application:

Micro Loop Hair Extensions
Application Pliers or HairX Pro Micro Ring Pliers
Section Comb
Hair Sectioning Grippers

Here we have a simple step-by-step guide to help the beginner to apply micro loop hair extensions, it a very easy process.

At the initial consultation stage, we highly recommend that a Consultation Form is filled out before the day of fitting. Before application we also suggest you carry out a skin patch test, just in case your customer reacts in anyway to the stick-tip bonds or micro rings Patch Test Explained

The hair must be cleaned before application, as greasy/dirty hair can result in the micro-rings slipping and even falling out.

How To Apply Micro-Loop Hair Extensions:

1. Partition your hair across the back to make a clean line. Clip your remaining hair up so you can easily put the hair extensions on.

2. Twist a small piece of your own hair for attaching the hair extensions

3. Let this small piece of your own hair go through the plastic loop.

4. Hold the micro ring and pull the big end of the plastic loop until your own piece of hair can go through the micro ring. At this moment, the plastic loop should be completely free from the micro ring and hair extensions. Please keep this plastic loop for re-apply purpose if necessary.

5. Pull the micro ring up to about 0.8cm to 1cm from scalp.

6. Grip the micro ring by pliers and the hair extensions is now firmly applied on.


Prepare a strand of natural hair
with a sectioning comb

Position the loop at the end
of the natural strand

Lift the root end of the
natural hair over the guiding loop

Then pull the whole of the remaining
natural hair through the guiding loop

Hold the micro-ring with one hand and
the end of the loop with the other

Pull the guiding loop back and the
micro-ring towards the clients head
ready to apply with smooth jaw pliers

Micro-Loop Removal Guide:

Micro loop hair extensions are removed in the same way as stick tipped hair extensions by using micro ring opener pliers. These pliers are used to clamp the micro rings in the opposite way as they have been originally clamped for application, this will open the ring easy for removal. Once the micro ring has been reshaped you can slide it off the clients head.


Tools Needed For Micro Loop Removal:

Choice of removal pliers: Opener Pliers or Smooth Jaw Pliers or HairX Pro Micro Ring Pliers


Due to natural hair growth, your extensions will need to be repositioned.

1. Using sectioning clips to partition your hair in order to leave a clean line for removing.

2. Using the salon pliers, starting from the top of the head, one at a time, unflatten each micro ring slightly.

3. Reposition to sit approximately 0.8cm to 1cm from the scalp. Reflatten the micro ring do that the flattened ring is again parallel with the scalp. Repeat this process on each row until the entire set has been repositioned. (WARNING: If the hair strands fall off, repeat the process as shown in how to apply.)