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Nail Tip / U-Tip Pre-Bonded - Fitting Guide

Nail tipped hair extensions (also known as u-tip) are fitted using a heat connector by melting the keratin glue bond onto the natural hair. Once the keratin bond has been melted it is then rolled around the clients natural hair securely so it creates a fully sealed bond as the glue heats and cools very promptly, this allows for quick and easy application, this is also known as the fusion technique.

Tools Required For U-Tip Application:

Nail Tip Hair Extensions
Heat Connector
Section Comb
Scalp Protectors
Finger Protectors
Hair Sectioning Grippers


Pre-Bonded Fusion Starter Kits are also available from our store, they include everything you require to apply and remove nail-tip (u-tip) hair extensions.

Here we have a simple step-by-step guide to help the beginner to apply pre bonded hair extensions via fusion using a heat connector, it is a very easy process.

Firstly we highly recommend a Consultation Form to be filled out before the day of fitting and a skin test before applying pre-bonded extensions: A patch test should be undertaken to check that you don’t have an allergic reaction to the cold resin (glue). To test your skin, place a small drop of glue behind your hair and leave for 24 to 48 hours to ensure you don’t have an adverse reaction. For further advice how to carry out a skin patch test please visit Patch Test Explained

Secondly, the hair must be cleaned before application, as greasy/dirty hair can result in the keratin bonds slipping and even falling out.

When applying hair extensions the heat connector should be between 160-170 degrees in order to melt the keratin bonds correctly, too high or too low can effect the keratin.

Whether you require just half a head or full head application, this normally depends on the thickness of your hair and the volume you want to achieve, although we highly recommend that you use the product description for the hair that you want to purchase as a guide, as too many strands can cause tangling or even matting problems. Also do not apply the extensions too close to each other as this can cause problems aswell.

Please use our Application Section for tools and accessories needed for pre bonded application, we also supply a few of the UK's leading brands Fusion Heat Applicators

If you require help to remove your extensions please view our Removal Guide



Start sectioning client's hair
from bottom to top

Insert template to root to
protect scalp from heat

Twist template to protect
scalp from heat

Place Pre-Tipped hair under
clients hair, holding with 1 hand

Place hair connector tool
under the hair bond

Pinch smoothly for 3 secs to melt
and smooth the glue into every
hair strand

Roll fused part with fingers
and try to close tightly

Finished! Do not shampoo or condition
hair for 24 hours