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Stick-Tip / I-Tip Hair Extensions Fitting Guide

Stick tipped hair extensions (also known as i-tip) can be applied using micro-rings or shrinkie tubes. This technique is very safe as both methods require no direct heat. The first step to applying your first extension is you need to take a section of your clients hair, threading the micro ring on to the hair using a pulling needle. Once the micro ring is in position (around half an inch from the scalp) it can be securely clamped using smooth jaw pliers to close the ring and seal the hair and bond inside.

Tools Needed For Stick Tip Application:

Stick-Tip Hair Extensions
Micro Rings (silicone-lined rings also available)
Micro-Ring Fitting Pliers or HairX Pro Tools Micro Ring Pliers
Section Comb
EZ Threader
Pulling Needle
Hair Sectioning Grippers

All these are available to purchase from our store.

Here we have a simple step-by-step guide to help the beginner to apply stick tip hair extensions using micro rings, it a very easy process.

Before the day of fitting we highly recommend a Consultation Form to be filled out. Before application we always recommend you carry out a skin patch test, just in case your customer reacts in anyway to the stick-tip bonds or micro rings Patch Test Explained

We suggest that the hair must be cleaned before application, as greasy/dirty hair can result in the micro-rings slipping and even falling out.

If you require help to remove your extensions please view our Removal Guide


Place a micro ring
on the needle hook.

Section the hair.

Take the sectioned hair
along with the needle hook.

Pull the hair through
the micro ring.

Place the micro ring about
1/2 inch from the scalp

Insert the stick-tip extension
into the micro ring.

Hold the micro ring along
with the hair in position.

Hold the micro ring along
with the hair in position.

Your first extension
has been applied.