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Techniques for Hair Weaving.

Bonding Method.

Bonding is considered as the popular method of weaving which helps in enhancing the vibrant streaks and also to add extra volume to the natural hair. The hair wefts are glued to the roots of your hair and it is done with the help of adhesive glue. In order to prevent the damage to the natural hair, you should take care that you don’t leave the tracks for more than week or two. There are some soft bonds which can last for almost 4 to 6 weeks.


Tracking Method.

Tracking is the method in which the natural tresses are braided around head and it is done in concentric circles form. The braids are then sewn and then the extensions are attached with the braids. For a full head you will need 8 to 15 tracks. Make sure that you care for this style in the same manner that you do with your natural hair. You should wash your hair at least once a week. The wearer can have the natural hair in the weave hair style. This process is simple but still you should consider consulting an expert and taking advice from them.


Fusion Method.

The fusion method can be used for hair wefts. It is one of the versatile methods and the best part is that it helps in giving the natural looking weaves. In this technique a machine is used which is similar to the hot glue gun and it is used to adhere the hair extension and the natural hair strands. It allows you to get an authentic look. The fusion weave is to be taken care of in the same way as your natural hair. You can easily wash them every week and also use the gels and mousse for styling. The heating appliance is used on the strands of hair and thus you will need the help of the stylist to perform the task. It depends on the style the amount of fused hair that you will need. For half head fused hair you will need 20 sections and for full head you will need 50 sections of the luxury hair. In the current times, the cold fusion extensions are produced which are made of 100% human hair and it does not includes yak hair dilution. These are the hair extensions which do not require any heating elements for applying. The main reason that the heating appliance should not be used is that when you use the heating appliance on such traditional hair extension it causes damage to them.


Netting Method.

Another hair weaving method is the netting. It is the technique which includes the braiding of the natural tresses in the net which is quite thin and breathable. It provides a flat surface in which the weave extensions are styled. The netting is better than tracking as it provided more flexibility. The stylist is not only limited to the braid and it can easily last for 3 months and thus they are better than the tracking method. Make sure to care for them and dry them completely. No mildew should be formed under them.


Tree Braiding Method.

Tree braiding is another hair weaving method. In this method the hair weaves are attached in the natural hair of the client with the help of the cornrow. It is best when the hair length is 22 inches. The hair of the client is parted from head front to nape of neck. Then the hair extensions are added at beginning of braid. They are folded half so that the cornrow can create a knot in the front. Then the stylist completed to the back and then ties the end using a rubber band. They are then sewn using the weaving needle and the string.


Clip In Method.

Clip in hair extension technique is again popular but it is considered as the least permanent method. Though it is not permanent but it is effective as compared to other methods as it does not have disadvantage of the traction alopecia which are associated with the glue extensions. The small toupee clips are sewn into the hair weft. Normally clip in extension set contains around 7 pieces/strips of human hair and it ranges from 14 to 22 inches. The method starts at the nape of neck and the hair is sectioned. Then the weft is placed with open clips and facing towards the scalp. The natural hair extension can be easily removed and they are quite easy to use and style.


Lace Extension Method

Lace extension is one of the latest developments in the weaving methods. They are made from the nylon mesh material and it is formed into the cap. They are hand ventilated and the single hair strands are knitted. It gives a more natural look to the hair. Moreover, it gives the realistic flow as compared to the conventional extension. It makes a breathable and lighter cap.


Micro Braiding Method.

Micro braiding is the hair extension method and it is applicable even if you don’t have actual hair strands and are willing to have long hair look. This is the process which takes almost 3 to 8 hours and it depends on the stylist that how much the style does lasts. It can last for 6 months. It is very much important that the hair is conditioned and also moisturized before the braiding process. This is the best one for the brittle hair. Use any of this method and get a pretty look for yourself.

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