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Christmas Hair Accessories

Christmas gives you plenty of excuses to dress up and try something new, like wearing our hair extensions with Christmas themed accessories. Here are some great suggestions.

Decorated Bobby Pins: So many hairstyles require the use of bobby pins. In fact, exposed bobby pins were trendy in 2017 and are still quite popular today. But it’s the holidays, so instead of using regular ones, why not go for bejewelled bobby pins? Accentuating your hair with these sparkling accessories will make your entire look more festive.

Headband: Don't have the luxury of time to style your hair this season? You can simply tie your hair extensions back into a sleek ponytail or a bun, then finish off the look with a festive headband that evokes the colours of the holidays. It’s an easy way to add some interest to your overall outfit without spending hours on your hair.

Hair Clips: Hair clips are also some of the easiest things to accessorize with. You can literally clip them into your hair and you’re done! To make your look festive, search for Christmas-themed hair clips. To show off your extensions, do a one-sided hairclip style. Can't choose which Christmas hair clips to put in your locks? Try parting your hair down the middle and putting a couple of hair clips to form an X on both sides. This will look better if you curl or wave the ends of your hair extensions.

Elf/Santa Headband Hat: This classic accessory is definitely all about holiday cheer with its size and bright colours. It is also very easy to wear and more comfortable than real elf hats. Whether you are wearing your hair up or letting it down, an elf headband hat is all you need to complete your Christmas outfit.

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