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Guide on PayPal Pay-in-3

PayPal 'Pay in 3'

You may have heard about PayPal Pay in 3. This is a payment process that allows you to buy any of our products on our website without paying the full price straight away. You enjoy the facility of splitting the total order cost into three easy instalments over 3 interest free months. You need to make the first payment during purchase while the remaining two payments are to be made on the same date every month.

Who is eligible to use PayPal Pay-in-3 ?

Those over 18 years of age are eligible to use PayPal Pay in 3 payment option. Also, you need to be a UK resident (Isle of Man and Channel Islands customers are excluded). To make payment with PayPal Pay in 3, you are required to spend a minimum amount of £30+ to a maximum of about £2000.

Before confirmation of your order, PayPal will check your credit worthiness. Hence, there are chances of your application getting rejected.

While making order payments, you can derive extra flexibility. You can spread your order cost across several instalments. If you are eager to use PayPal Pay in 3 to make your payment, you should make sure you are making a responsible purchase. At times, trying to split up or delay payments may not be a suitable option. The given below information will allow you to enjoy your shopping with great confidence.

How to use PayPal Pay in 3 to make payments?

You are given the option to pay using PayPal Pay in 3 payment during checkout. You then log into your registered PayPal account. Here, you will come across PayPal ‘Pay in 3’ as an available payment choice.

On selecting this option, in several steps, allows you to apply for this payment method. You will receive an instant decision allowing you to complete your checking process. The total order cost gets divided into three easy instalments where you pay the first instalment during purchase.

The remaining two instalments are to be paid on same date on the following two months directly from your registered to your PayPal account. If payment is made on the 31st, with following month having 30 days only, then next instalment to pay will be at the end of the month.

You will receive a reminder either in form of text or email message notifying you of your next payment date. You can log into your registered PayPal account to know more about your payment schedule. At any time, you can reschedule your payments.

How does it function?

PayPal Pay in 3 is 100% interest-free, you don’t have to pay any extra fees. Simply log onto your PayPal account at any time to know more about your payment details. PayPal sends you a text or email message as a reminder to know the next scheduled payment. This way, you will not miss out on the payment date. Payments can be rescheduled at any point in time as well as know your scheduled payment date merely by logging onto your account. If desired, you may even consider paying off the entire balance at any time. Please understand in the case you fail to make the payment on the scheduled date, then it will affect your credit score significantly.

Valuable information:

Understand that PayPal Pay in 3 is a considered to be an independent payment company. In no way does HairXtensions.co.uk Direct Ltd have any kind of influence on your payment acceptance or rejection with PayPal Pay in 3. If you have any payments issues please contact PayPal customer services directly and they will be able to assist you further with any questions.

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