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Perfect Gift for Your Mum This Mother’s Day!

On her special day, give mum a hair makeover she'll love. If you are looking for something better than hair extensions, try human hair weaves in the UK. Unlike extensions, weaves come in one piece and are approximately 55-60 inches in length. However, both can be cut according to your preference. Here are more reasons why your mum will love this Mother’s Day gift.

Perfect for the busy mamas: In general, human hair weaves are more secure than most types of hair extensions because they must be sewn-in, fused, or bonded. Each weft is attached to the tracks either by hand or with help from a machine. While the entire process takes time and will require help from a professional stylist, it's worth it. Your mum can wear human hair weaves for weeks and even months without worrying about hair fall or damage so long as proper maintenance and care is observed. Her hair can remain stylish for months because weaves are low maintenance. This makes them a better option for the busy mums who have little time to style their hair.

Perfect for mums who want a total hair transformation: Usually, the natural tresses must be braided around the head first before the human hair weaves can be attached. That means that your mum's hair roots will be hidden, so there’s no need to consider the natural colour of the hair when picking a colour. But of course, you have to think about her skin tone to ensure that the new hair will look flattering and natural. If mum has been wanting to try a different hair colour, human hair wefts are indeed a great choice.

A great choice for mums with sensitive skin and hair: Weaves allow experimentation without the worry of damaging the natural hair. It eliminates the need to apply chemicals or bleach just to locks. And since the wefts provide full coverage and protection, the natural hair is spared from the daily wear-and-tear as well as from the elements and heat styling.