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The How to Attach Guide for Hair Extensions

Hair is important! No woman can disagree with this fact. Most of the women want their hair to look healthier, fuller and shinier. And this is now possible with hair extensions.

Before you decide to get Pre Bonded Hair Extensions, know that it can only help if your hair can support the additional stress added. I say this because hair extensions, be it clip in, strand by strand or weft extensions exert pressure at the point of anchor. However, if you have evaluated your hair condition, here is a guide to help you to get hair extensions with a help of a friend or relative.

Weft Hair Extensions

A weft of hair is a single track at which hair is attached from the top. This kind of extension can be added through tape, micro rings or glue. This is different from strand by strand extensions as it does not require the hair to be glued or linked at various strands.

Attaching the Weft Extensions Using Micro Rings

Take a section from the client’s hair. Usually the extensions are adhered working the sections from the nape of the neck towards the top centre of the head and then sideways around an inch away from hairline.

Take a strand from the divided section and another from the weft. Join the two strands together and then pull through the micro ring. Then using a pair of pliers (specific for hair extensions, flatten the micro ring. This will tighten the bond and keep the extensions intact.

Attaching the Weft Extensions Using Tape

This is relatively a new technique. In this binding technique, a double sided polyurethane tape is used to attach the weft. The weft is attached to a section of hair, with another attached underneath the same section. This way each hair section gets surrounded by two wefts.

Attaching the Weft Extensions Using Glue

Following the sections, the wefts are attached to the braided hair using glue. This is a rather tricky technique if the one helping you with your extensions is not trained in the technique. This requires nice finish so that the extra glue does not lead to tangles and hair breakage.

Attaching the Weft Extensions Using Braided Wefts

The hair is sectioned and the braids or cornrow are made section wise. The number of braids or cornrow depends on the fullness wished to be added. The wefts are then sewn into the braids to keep them intact.

Let us know if this blog helped you to learn about various styles of adding hair extension products.