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5 Fringe/Bangs Styling Tips

hair extension fringe bangs styling tips

Fringes (also known as bangs) usually require alots of time and commitment as they tend to grow out much quickly than imagined, they also involve high-maintenance. However, these issues can be resolved if you use HairX Fringe Hair Extensions

Here are 5 quick ways to style your fringe./bangs:

· Side Swept Bangs: Less cooperative bangs can make good use of this style. Simply part and brush your side to the side and blow dry to ensure hair remains in its place. Loosely, run closer through hair to create texturized, effortless look. Loosen up tight curls with hands.
· Long & Super Sleek Bangs: It offers that everyday polished look. For additional volume and length, clip in hair extensions. Create straight bangs. Blow dry bangs and brush to ensure maintaining form. Run straightener through hair.
· Two Strand Twists: If not into washing hair much, then this is the best style to opt. Hair-spray bangs to ensure hair sticks together. Twist to derive longer sections and secure smaller pieces. Use bobby pin to secure end of twist.
· Long Bangs: This style is best chosen if you lack trimming time. Throw hair up in updo or low bun. Blow dry to provide hair with more texture. Part bangs in middle. Curl framing hair pieces using curling wand to derive that polished look.
· Top Knot: Wet bangs, then blow dry, section hair top while adding some texturizing spray. Use bangs to create small messy bun. Style it with bobby pins and secure it in place. Curl hair to derive that texturized, effortless look. Finish using texturizing spray.

The above tips will ensure you love having different styles with your bangs.

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