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Brushing Hair Extensions

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Brushing Hair Extensions – How to Do It?

Hair combing happens to be among the most vital components of maintaining hair and ensuring its after-care. Although many people tend to ignore this, not brushing hair strands regularly can lead to problems like tangling and matting. Your hair extensions would not look great, and very soon you cannot wear them anymore. If you want to prolong your hair extensions, find out how to brush them in a proper way and the type of comb to use for brushing.

Hair Brushes – What are the Types?

While brushing your extensions, going for a double row steel tooth comb can be always a more sensible option than one made of wood or plastic. These end up damaging strands of your hair. But even that is not an ideal option. Here are some brushes that you may pick from.

Boar Bristle Brush / Bristle Brush

You can de-tangle a lot of hair with a nylon bristle brush. This can be your best choice if your hair is in fine strands or is pre-bonded. Many companies are now following the trend and marketing these types of brushes for de-tangling hair extensions. The claims often have to be taken with more than a pinch of salt. One of our best examples is the Balmain bristle brush.

Loop Brush

It is the default option and the first choice of every hair store or hairstylist. When you require less tension, go for this one. It is a perfect option for any type of hair extension – even those that are curly or synthetic. The hair extension loop brush is a best seller due to its affordability.

Brushing Hair Extensions – What is the Proper Way?

Extensions can be brushed whether you have dry or wet hair. This method is interchangeable and extremely similar. As a general rule, you have to be very careful and gentle. In no situation should you pull on the hair strands or brush aggressively. Doing so can damage your natural hair as well as the extensions. You should repeat the process of brushing 2 times daily, being mindful of the process. With regular combing, you can easily put tangling behind you.

Brushing Dry Hair Extensions

When it comes to brushing dry hair extensions, there are no special techniques to follow. Simply care for it, as if it is your natural hair. The other technique is slightly complex.

Brushing Wet Hair Extensions

To brush hair that is still wet after washing, first you have to towel-dry it. Do not aggressively rub it, given that it can lead to even more matting and tangling. Simply tap it softly. This brushing method can also be used under the shower, in case you still have some conditioner in your own hair.

Once you have towel-dried hair, spray a leave-in conditioner into it. The extension bonds will not be impacted. Rather, you should keep hair manageable and soft.

Pass fingers through hair and check whether there are many knots. Begin gently from the bottom and take small hair sections, untangling them softly bit by bit. Hold the hair section by hand always and go to top from bottom. Have patience and you will have brushed your hair before long.

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