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Chlorine & Hair Extensions.

If you are among those who love hitting the pools then you must also be one of them who don’t care how chlorine in pool water affects your hair badly! Chlorine in pool water can actually make your hair dry and damage it. This is because this harsh chemical will strip all natural oils from your hair.

Even all hard metals in water get oxidized due to chlorine. These minerals will stick to your hair when they get attracted to the protein in the hair. Thus, if you are a blonde may notice discolouration, which can make your hair extensions turn green or even pink or orange hue!

So? What will you do? Stop enjoying or find out ways that will save your hair from getting ruined? You know your answer and thus this article will be helpful for you.

Before Swimming: Before you take your first dip in the pool you must prepare your hair so that its ready to take the hit. There must be a shower close to the swimming pool, thus before you take a plunge there make sure that you wet your hair totally. It will be acting as a barrier that will stop the chlorine from getting absorbed in your hair. In order to create even a stronger barrier you can apply some conditioner in small amount onto your hair strands.

After Swimming: Once you enjoy your time in the pool its time that you take care of your hair so that they get their moisture back again.

Remove the chlorine first: You must start with cleansing the chlorine from your hair. For this you can use a chlorine specific shampoo. It will not only clean the chlorine but also the copper deposits and thus soothing the hair.

Use conditioner: Although you had applied a bit of conditioner before now too you must apply some conditioner. It will moisturize your hair and give it a boost.

Use a conditioning mask: After the chlorine is cleared out of your hair strands they need some moisture and you need to inject that. If you use some deep moisturizing pack then the damaged hair locks will be repaired during the period the mask is applied.

Let the hair air dry:Finally, to minimize the damage do not apply any heat on your hair. Let them air dry and gradually you will find it getting its luster back.