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Clip Ins: Extending Long Extensions on Short Hair.

You probably know how it feels to chop your hair off only to want it all back right away. What do you do? Don’t worry—you can always buy a clip in human hair extensions in the UK. With these handy little tools, you can switch from short to long hair anytime you want, with absolutely zero commitment and without damaging your real hair. Simply blend your long clip in extensions into your short hair and you have a whole new look.

Change your mind anytime

The great thing about clip in Remy hair extensions in the UK is that they allow you to change your hairstyle temporarily. There’s no need to commit to a certain look for a long period of time. You can wear hair extensions for special occasions only, or wear them every day if you wish—it’s up to you. Unlike sewn-in or glued pieces, clip-in hair extensions give you complete control of your locks. Clip them in whenever you want and style them however which way you please.

Achieve your dream hairstyles

Whether you want thick tumbling tresses or sleek and edgy hair, you can replicate any look with Clip In Remy Hair Extensions available in the UK. Have you always wanted thick, gorgeous locks? You can achieve your desired volume instantly.

No damage

Are you wondering if clip-in extensions will damage your hair? Don’t worry—they won’t. Unlike glued and sewn-in hair extensions that have been shown to cause hair breakage or thinning, clip-ins are much gentler. They don’t pull on your hair as much as other types. They don’t permanently sit on your head, so they are easier on your hair and scalp.

Easy to maintain

Clip in human hair extensions in the UK are quick, low-maintenance accessories. Unlike glued or sewn-in extensions, they don’t require a trip to the hairdresser—you can put them in and take them out yourself. Once they are clipped in, you can tease and style them as you please and you’re ready to go.