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Drying & Styling Hair Extensions.

Hair extensions are used by many, but if you use them regularly, you have to know how to wash and dry them. After you learn how to wash hair extensions properly, drying is the following step.

Blow-Drying Hair Extensions – How to Do It?

It is generally advised that you allow your hair to get dried naturally. However, you often do not have the time to do that. If you are too busy to do that, make use of a blow-dryer that is on a low-temperature setting. Use a heat protector serum and avoid any keratin bonds!

This is not very easy, but you have to change the rules a little when you apply hair extensions.

  1. Focus on moisture removal from the hair roots, where you find the extensions to be attached.
  2. Categorize your hair into various sections – four different parts – and have them clipped away.
  3. Put a round shaped brush under a hair section. The blow dryers nozzle must be over your hair.
  4. Ensure that the flow of air is in the downwards direction. The blow-dryer needs to follow the brush all along to where the hair ends.
  5. Repeat the method on every section of hair, until you dry your locks fully.

How Should You Style Hair Extensions?

Extensions can burn like natural locks, to prevent heat damage and frizz, a thermal-protector spray must be used prior to styling.

Set the temperature of your flat / curling iron to around 350 degrees. A few tools might attain as high temperatures as 500 °, but you should avoid making yours go beyond 380 °. Do not have the heating iron stop on a clamped hair section for long. Rather, glide the iron fast through the strands to prevent charring.