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Dyeing & Curling Hair Extensions.

Hair extensions can be dyed and curled just like natural hair, as they are actually made of the same. But it is not 100% virgin hair anymore as the extensions have been processed to achieve a certain colour. Thus, it is recommended that you do not try dyeing and curling your extensions unless you are skilled in hair styling. Improper treatment can dry out your hair, and leave it tangled and may even prone to falling out.

Dyeing: In there is a difference between the colour of your natural hair and the extensions, try dyeing your natural hair instead. It is much safer and easier option. There are less risks of ruining your natural hair compared to the hair extensions. As the extensions has already been through a colouring process, colouring and damaging the hair extensions further could seriously damage the overall condition of the extensions which could lead to tangling and other issues. You can obtain recommendations from your hair stylist about the type of hair colour is best to use and whether colouring is the way forward.

Curling: After applying hair extensions, straightening or curling your hair needs to done as minimally as possible. This is mainly because over time they could be damaged by heat, this is why we  always recommend using a heat serum before attempting to curl your extensions or using any heat tools. Curling helps blend your hair extensions in so it is a benefit if it’s the style you want to achieve. No one will be able to make your extensions out from your natural hair. However some hair maybe quite stubborn to curl, we suggest using a hairspray to help hold the curls for longer.

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