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Fastest Way To Apply Extensions? Clip In Hair Extensions.

Want to have longer and thicker hair in an instant? Buy clip-in human hair extensions in the UK. Of all the types of hair extensions available in the market, this is considered the easiest to apply—and the fastest way to get a hair makeover. It only takes as fast as five minutes to apply these hair extensions and to get the voluminous hair you want. No need to hire a professional hairdresser or ask for help from anyone. You can do everything all by yourself!

So, how do you apply for these extensions? Here's how fast and easy it is to use clip-in hair extensions in the UK.

  1. Prepare your hair and your clip-in hair extensions.

Make sure that your hair is dry and clean. You want to remove or lessen the grease and oil that can make your natural hair slippery. As for the hair extensions or wefts, separate them according to sizes.

  1. Create sections in your hair.

First, part your hair as you would normally do. Then, create sections in your hair so that it's easier to attach the clip-in hair extensions. Use clips or hair clamps to secure the sections.

  1. Use elastic bands to create small sections.

You will be starting at the lower back of your head. But before attaching the clip-ins, tie a few strands of your hair with elastic bands. You will be attaching the extensions on the top of the elastic bands. This is a good way to ensure your extensions are secure and can’t be pulled too easily.

  1. Attach the hair extensions to your natural hair.

Open the clips up then hook them on the top of the elastic bands. Snap them close to secure them in place. Then, smoothen your hair with your fingers or a comb. Repeat the same steps in the other sections of your hair. Then, style your hair as desired.

Many hair professionals would recommend using Clip-In Remy Hair Extensions because they look more natural and they last longer. They are also as silky and sleek as natural virgin hair extensions. You can use them regularly for months.