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Homemade Remedies for Dry Hair Extensions.

Damaged or dry hair extensions are a common problem for many women out there. This can be due to:

  • Improper care of hair
  • Too much use of heating connector wand or similar tools
  • Plenty of sun exposure
  • Too frequent dyeing of hair
  • Poor quality hair

While everyone would want to have healthy and shiny hair that is perfect and comes with a lot of volume, it is not often the case. You can find various products to get rid of dryness of extensions. Your hairstylist might also recommend a few processes. But these are often too costly, which makes many people opt for homemade remedies that happen to be cheaper and more natural.

What Are the Homemade Remedies to Restore Dry Hair?

You can check out these ingredients to make your hair and extensions healthier again.


It can act as a nice base, and you may add every other ingredient on it. Yogurt can add moisture, protein and various vitamins to your hair. This can be a fantastic homemade remedy to provide shine and nourishment to your hair extensions.


It is another fantastic home remedy that is generally combined with other ingredients to make damaged hair healthier again. There are many minerals and vitamins in honey, which can add volume and shine to hair. Honey boasts of robust antibacterial properties and can also make hair follicles stronger.


Avocados can add vitality to extensions, prevent dandruff, promote the growth of new hair and also moisturize it. Just mash up avocados, and add some jojoba or olive oil to it to get a nice extension remedy prepared at home. The fact that Avocados are packed with plenty of healthy ingredients, such as vitamins like B6, E, D, A and amino acids as well as proteins, makes them great for hair extensions.


You can use natural mayonnaise on your hair extensions, because it has the ingredients of oils, eggs and many more things, which make it an ideal home remedy for hair. With this one item at home, you can derive lots of benefits for your hair.

Mayonnaise acts as a traditional hair mask, and offer nourishment to hair strands from deep within. It can make strands softer, and also safeguard hair from damaging hair styling products used on it in the future. It has omega fatty acids that are fantastic moisturizers.

It also has vinegar, which can restore the balance of pH to hair. This can improve overall hair health. Just add natural mayonnaise to hair, and allow it to rest for half an hour before washing it out completely.


Raw eggs are excellent for treating damaged hair. These can promote the growth of new hair and also make extensions more straight due to the presence of protein. However, after application on hair, you would obviously need to rinse and wash your hair thoroughly.

Jojoba Oil

It is similar to the natural oil present in hair. This can safeguard the scalp from bacterial infection and irritation. Jojoba oil also comprises of mono-saturated and saturated fats, to ensure the best moisturizing effects. It can promote the development of new hair and combat dandruff problems. You can also heat up this oil for an extensions mask or hot oil treatment for hair.

Olive Oil

This is a highly recommended base ingredient for homemade DIY treatment of hair. Olive oil can fight DHC due to the presence of Vitamin E, Vitamin A and antioxidants. DHC is a hormone that results in loss of hair through degeneration of hair follicles. Olive Oil can safeguard the natural protein constituting hair, known as Keratin, which can help in hair moisturizing.

Olive Oil can be used as a mask, which can be rinsed out easily. You may even heat this oil to make an oily hair mask. Pour a few drops onto the split hair ends, to style your strands and alleviate dryness. You can also use this oil in the form of a base to act as a homemade remedy. Other ingredients may also be added to prepare a hair mask of your own.

It is not too difficult to care for hair extensions. If you make it a part of everyday hair care regimen, you can make your hair last for a long time. Apply a mild shampoo with a leave-in, superior quality hair conditioner. Allow your hair to get naturally dried. If you intend to use a blow hair dryer, try the lowest setting. While storing extensions, first you have to brush them out. Store them dry, not wet, in a case.