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How Many Tape Extensions for a Full Head?

how many taped extensions for a full head?

Tape-in hair extensions are a relatively new product in the market, and the demand for them is growing. If you own a salon, it might be time to offer this service to your clients. Tape-in 100% human hair extensions are thin tape wefts measuring approximately 1.5 inches or 4 cm wide. They come as pre-taped hairpieces that you apply between natural hair in a sandwiched method, similar to a bond. Many clients and hairdressers love them because they are easy and quick to apply without special tools, chemicals, or heat. With proper care, they can last two to three months.

However, as with any hair extensions, it’s important to know their careful and correct application to ensure the best and most satisfying results. One of the most crucial things to know is the number of tape-in hair extensions to use for a full head. The answer depends on your client’s goal of getting hair extensions. No need to look elsewhere for answers because you’ll find them below.

  1. Lengthening and/or thickening

Long to thin hair beyond shoulder length can be lengthened or thickened with 20 to 40 tape-ins for a single-sided application and 60 to 80 tapes for a double-sided application. Each pack comes with 20 individual mini-wefts.

  1. Lengthening medium-length hair from the shoulders, six to nine inches long

Use 20 to 40 tape-ins (single-sided) or 40-60 tape-ins (double-sided) for medium-density hair. Take note that thicker hair usually needs more to maintain a balanced look. For thick-density hair, use 40 to 60 tape-ins for single-sided and 60 to 80 for double-sided.

Application tips:

Always ensure sufficient hair length for tape in hair extensions! Hair shorter than 5 inches can be difficult to work with, so you may want to advise your client to grow out their hair first. Otherwise, suggest using keratin 100% human hair extensions.

And, of course, always buy high-quality extensions for your clients. You’ll find everything you need here at HairXtensions.

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