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How To Handle Greasy Hair And Style It!

Handling greasy hair can be really troublesome. Greasy hair often falls limp. You cannot style them or give them volume. Washing too often can leach off the hair from their natural oils and turn the scalp irritatingly dry. Hence too much of washing also is not the healthy option. In this situation. Here are 5 tips you can try to style your greasy hair and flaunt in public.

Blow drying the hair often helps: If you blow dry the hair, this is going to help you really well. You just need to blow the drier at the roots of the hair, while you lift each strand with a round brush. A round brush with boar bristles is also going to help. The idea is to blow the roots of the hair so that the grease shifts from the root to the upper part of the strand while lifting the limp hair above and separating the sticky strand from the scalp. This adds to the volume in hair and makes it look great.

Dry shampoo for oily hair: Shampoos meant to dry out oily hair is a very nice fix for this problem. You should use a dry shampoo once or twice a week. Cover the scalp as much as possible with the shampoo and make a nice lather. Try separating parts of hair so that you may spread the shampoo in between the strands to the scalp.

Braids often cover up for greasy hair: Braids add to extra texture to hair. Therefore you can cover up the greasy strands of hair which otherwise looks limp. There are varieties of braid styles you may try, like the dutch braid, halo braid, fish tail braids etc. these braids helps the hair thicken up at the braids while showing volume.

Back combing with a fine toothed comb: A fine tooth comb can be used for back combing the hair. The motto is to brush the hair backwards towards the root, so that some stands can crumble at the base to give a nice uplift to the other strands. You must balance the back combing such that the hair does not look messy.

Low bun with side parting: This is the best style which suits all heads with greasy hair. If your hair is too greasy and nothing can bring it back to crispness then you may try this style. For this you must back comb the hair enough to perk up the rots. And then make a low pony tail by side parting. Finally roll up the ponytail into a nice bun.