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How To Prevent Hairline Acne

Pimples are quite common when you have oily skin, but what is hair line acne? Simple, these are the pimples that appears along the forehead where your hairline starts. The main reason for such acne is excess oil, pore clogging makeup and head wear. Thus, first you need to know the causes that has caused such problem and then you can look for its treatment.

Excess oil: Just the way some people suffer from pimples due to their oily skin, it may happen with your hairline too. You should follow a regular skin routine where you will cleanse your skin, in the similar way there should be ways for taking acre of your hairline too. In order to deal with the acne you need toe ensure that your scalp is healthy. Try some scalp scrub that will remove excess oil and at the same time massage the scalp.

Heavy hair products: Its true that scalp scrub can do magic for your hair, but are you sure you are using the right shampoo and conditioners for your hair? Are they actually keeping it healthy or becoming too heavy for them to handle? There are certain products like hair clay or pomade that may clog the pores and glands. Even products with sulphates and other chemicals may also do damage. Thus, while you buy any product check out the ingredient list. Apart from that you must wash off your hair at regular interval to ensure that any such build-up does not occur there.

Pore-blocking makeup: Everybody loves full coverage makeup but sometimes they might be the reason for hairline acne. It is easy to apply the makeup on your face but when it comes to removing it, you may find it tough, especially around the hairline area. They may build-up there gradually and then clog the pores. The best way to get rid of this is by avoiding liquid foundation or concealer near the hair line. Also do not forget to wash it off before you hit the bed. Also make sure that you wash the brushes regularly and replace them too.

Hormones and genetics: You cannot deny your genes and that is the problem with some people. Sometimes oil build-up is just hereditary problem. Still you can follow a good hair care routine that will help you get rid of the hairline acne and keep your hairline as well as your scalp clean.

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