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How to Protect Your Hair from Air Pollution.

When you are living in a city you have to fight against the dust and grime that is there in the air. They have lasting effect on your hair and thus you have to work hard to protect your hair from air pollution.

Effect of air pollution on hair: When you are residing in an area that has high level of smoke and dust, those things will get deposited on your scalp. With time these pollutant will build up and cause dandruff, dry ends, breakage of hair shaft and greasy roots. The oil production of your hair will increase making the hair drier.

Protecting your hair from pollution: You must be worried about the effect of air pollution on your hair but if you follow the following hacks below you can save your hair.

Use a shampoo with EDTA: A shampoo with EDTA has tetrasodium acid that can cleanse the loose minerals from your hair and remove them totally. Apart from removing the excess buildup of dust it also soften the hard water that gives your hair a gentle cleanse.

Use a protective serum spray: You need to protect your hair from heat damage and thus apply a protective spray on your hair. It will save the hair from heat damage as well as create a barrier that will not let the dust and grime penetrate into your hair and dry it out. They nourishes your hair and protects it from any kind of dryness.

Cover your hair: The simplest way to protect your hair from dust and grime and other pollutants is by covering it up. You can either wear a hat or tie a bun that will protect most of the hair from getting exposed. Keep checking the ends and if you find that they are super dry then while commuting make sure that they are not open.

Keep nourishing the hair: Finally, the most important one, keep your hair nourished. Apart from using good hair care products it is best to use a hair mask twice a week. The shampoo that you are using should be a moisturizing shampoo. Avoid dry shampoos and salt sprays. There are different products available that will rebuilt the hairs and provide them necessary nourishments. Try using products with Jojoba oils and others to keep your hair nourished.

Thus, do not get worried as you live in a city, rather follow the hacks mentioned above and you too can have silky hair even in the city environment.