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How to Stop Your Hair Extensions from Getting Wrecked

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Say goodbye to bad hair days! Hair extensions—especially Remy hair extensions and pre-bonded hair extensions—can add that magical touch of volume and length to your locks. These human hair extensions can transform your look in an instant and take you from drab to fab. But, just like Cinderella's pumpkin carriage, the magic can fade if not taken care of properly. So, how can we keep the magic going?

Choosing the right blow-dry brush:

The first step towards preserving your hair extensions starts at the styling stage. A significant part of this process involves choosing the right hair extension brush. Brushes made with ceramic and nanotechnology are a great choice when working with hair extensions made of human hair. These types of brushes evenly distribute heat from your blow-dryer, reducing the chances of heat damage to your extensions. They also help to control frizz, which leaves your hair extensions looking smooth and shiny.

Selecting the right aftercare product:

The next crucial step in maintaining the lustrous appeal of your extensions is choosing the right hair extension aftercare products. It's essential to opt for shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated for human hair extensions. These products gently cleanse and condition without stripping the extensions of their natural oils. A protein spray can help to fortify and repair any damage, ensuring your extensions remain strong and resilient. Moroccan argan oil and heat protective serums are ideal for providing nourishment and shielding the extensions from potential heat damage. Lastly, consider using an extension boost to revive your extensions and keep them looking as good as new.

Love them!

Finally, take the extra steps to love and nurture your hair extensions. Ensure that your hair extensions are regularly deep conditioned and trimmed when needed. Whenever you use heat styling tools, be sure to keep them on a low setting to avoid any potential damage and make sure you remember to use the correct aftercare product when needed!

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