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Lockdown Hair Extension Care Guide.


Hair extensions can enhance your natural locks. However, you need to take care of these hair extensions to keep them and your hair healthy. The lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult to schedule beauty appointments for managing your hair extensions. You can also manage the hair extensions at your home with some simple tips. The current article provides a hair extension care guide during the lockdown.

Do Not Tangle The Hair While Sleeping:

You should try to avoid sleeping with your hair loose at night, especially if you have hair extensions. You will inevitably toss and turn during sleep, which can cause the hair extensions to become tangled and damaged. It can cause the bonds to get pulled, which can make the hair tangled. The best way to overcome this is to tie your hair loosely before sleeping. A low ponytail is perfect to protect the hair extensions from getting damaged. Using a spiral hairband is also effective and protects the hair extensions.

Wash Your Hair Properly:

Washing your hair properly and with the right technique is critical for managing hair extensions. During lockdown everyone will spend most of their time indoors, therefore there is no need to wash your hair more than once weekly. This will prevent the hair extensions from drying out which will keep your scalp in good condition. You should consult your hair specialist to buy the correct hair extension shampoo and conditioner for your specific hair type. While washing, it is recommended to use the shampoo more on the roots to remove excess oil and conditioner on the ends to keep the hair nourished. You should avoid using hot water for washing your hair as it will remove the natural oils from the hair and scalp. It is best to use cold or lukewarm water for washing the hair.

Brush The Extensions Carefully:

Brushing correctly is an important aspect of taking care of your hair extensions during the lockdown. You should have a good quality hair extension brush for this. Always buy a soft bristle brush for managing your hair extensions. It is important to brush your hair gently. If you brush the hair harshly, then it can damage the hair extensions. You should always brush the hair from the bottom up. Hold on to the hair length and gently start brushing while going from bottom to top. After brushing through the length of the hair, you can run the brush from the top. You can brush your hair a few times a day to keep them detangled and healthy. Ideally, brushing them in the morning after waking up, after a hair washes, and before going to bed is recommended. You can also carry an additional brush in your handbag to brush the hair extensions on the go if needed.

Keep The Extensions Separated:

If you use pre-bonded hair extensions its important to keep them separated regularly. You may find it tedious and time-consuming initially, but it takes no more than a few minutes. If you do this daily, it will take even less time. There are no special tools or kits required for keeping the extensions separated. You can start by running your hands through the bonds and check if they have become tangled. If there are tangles, then try to separate them gently and carefully. You may consider using a small brush or comb to detangle the bonds. Regularly detangling the bonds helps to keep your hair extensions healthy. It prevents the extensions from getting matted and protects from hair fall.

Do Not Fondle/Play With The Hair Extensions:

Another common temptation is to fondle and play with the hair extensions. You should never play with outgrown hair extensions. As far as possible, avoid fondling with the hair extensions and leave them to outgrow. This will keep your extensions and hair both in healthy condition. Once you start playing with the hair extensions, they may start falling. This will leave your hair uneven which may be difficult to set right during the lockdown as all salons and hairdressers are closed. Playing with hair extensions can also put undue pressure on the hair roots that may damage your natural and healthy hair.

Avoid Sleeping With Wet Extensions:

You should never sleep with wet hair extensions. Always pat your hair dry gently before going to bed and let them dry out naturally or use a hair dryer on a cool setting. It may be tempting to sleep with slightly wet hair, but you should strictly avoid doing so. Sleeping with wet hair can damage the extensions and cause them to become tangled. Your hair is the weakest when wet. Tossing and turning during your sleep can cause severe damage to the hair extensions. Once the extensions are tangled, it will take a lot of time to detangle them in the morning. The more tangled they become, the greater the chances of them getting damaged. Detangling them regularly will put more pressure on the bonds and cause them to loosen.

What Aftercare Products Shall I Use:

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