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Nano Ring Hair Extensions – Pros and Cons

Nano Ring Hair Extensions are more or less perfect, but comes with some flaws as well. When you think of using these extensions or any hair extension for styling purposes, you have to consider all the strengths and weaknesses to be assured that you can get the most value for your money.


There are many benefits of these extensions:

Super Discreet!

The small size of these nano rings is among its most positive features. These are much smaller when compared to regular Micro Rings. The small bonds of these rings ensure that these can remain hidden and smoothly blend with your natural locks. You can find these in a wide variety of colours, which can match root colors. This makes them less apparent and almost invisible!

Super Secure!

When you fit these well, the extensions can stay very secure. This is because the stand-by-stand technique is used by the Nano Rings Hair Extensions. In case you do not have too oily or soft hair, and put the right amount of natural locks inside the rings, these rings can be extremely secure. You can make these last for a very long time with proper maintenance and aftercare products.

Super Safe!

You can have completely safe Nano Rings Extensions if a professional fits your hair. A fully professional installation ensures a safe and neat setup each time. Nano Ring Extensions are very safe and softer for natural hair, as these do not have to be made secure with glue. They require no heat, glue or adhesives in the application process. Make sure, however, that a professional removes them – so that you can have 100% damage-free hair.

Perfect For Thin Hair!

Nano Ring Extensions can be the best option for thin hair. It is due to the fact that regular micro rings might be apparent in thin or fine hair. Even in case you have extremely fine hair you might need only around half a head of hair with these extensions. These will still stay almost invisible.


While the strengths of Nano Ring Extensions far outweigh their weaknesses, there are some negative points you should know about:

Have To Maintain Them Regularly:

These types of extensions are extremely small. In order to have them stay tangle free and neat, these will need standard maintenance. You have to keep the extensions isolated regularly from the roots. Make sure that you visit your technicians for hair extension after every few months or so, in order to remove and refit them. Also you need to make sure you use the correct hair extension aftercare products to help keep your extensions in great condition.

Tend To Slip Down:

As Nano Ring Extensions are small in size, these are ideal for most types of hair. But if you have very silky, soft or oily hair, you might see that these would slip down and get a little loose. You have to get ready for this probability and need to be content to take such risks with knowledge of your type of hair. Get a hair stylist who can work on your extensions, and he / she would recommend a technique that can suit your specific type of hair perfectly. It can make you entirely satisfied with the final results.

It is a good idea to read and know more about Nano Ring Hair Extensions, or get in touch with a professional hair stylist who can advise the best methods to take care of your extensions and look the best as you step out of home.