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Pro Tips on Using Hair Extension Application Tools

Hair extensions may provide you with an easier way to achieve a new look, but they require some skill and the right tools for application. So, apart from investing in high-quality hair extensions, make sure that you have essential hair extension application tools. That way, you can securely apply the extensions, while ensuring a safe and simple procedure. Here are some of the products experts recommend:

Hair glue and remover – Some extensions require an adhesive for application. Just make sure that the hair glue matches or closely matches the natural colour of the hair or roots and that it can prevent shedding of wefts or tracks during any physical activity like swimming, workouts, or when the person gets wet in the rain. Hair glues come in either black or white, and some come with a remover kit.

Heat protective flakes or shields – Pros recommend these hair extension application tools if you are using a fusion heat connector or a heat gun to apply extensions. Make sure the shield is made of high-quality plastic, which can protect the scalp from burning and damage.

Multi-hole fusion template - Use this template to apply several hair extensions quickly in a row. It also protects the scalp when using a heat fusion applicator. Make sure it is made of durable and strong plastic, and that it comes with positioning clips to keep it in place.

Smooth jaw extension plier – Pliers are essential hair extension application tools for micro-loop and micro-rings, as well as for bond removal. Use it to crush fusion keratin glue bonds before applying acetone.

Nail-tip bond moulding pliers – Consider a heavy-duty and spring-loaded plier to mould nail-tip bonds.

Finger protectors or cots – These are reusable, durable, and robust finger gloves, which feel like your second skin, as they are made of non-toxic, high-quality plastic latex. These are essential hair extension application tools to protect your fingers during fusion bond application methods.

Pulling needles – Choose wooden micro ring pulling needles for applying shrink tubes, silicone rings, or micro rings.

Weft sealer – Seal wefts easily and quickly to eliminate and prevent shedding when cutting extensions to suit a particular head. Pros recommend applying generous amounts on both sides of hair wefts and leave them to dry for 30 minutes prior to application.

This list is just a few of our selection, view our full range of Hair Extension Application Tools.