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Remy Human Hair Extensions: Choosing Colour as Per Your Skin Tone

Do you want to have longer, voluminous hair? The easiest way to achieve this is to buy Remy human hair extensions in the UK. You can choose from a variety of types depending on your preferred application method. The quickest ones to attach are clip-in and tape-in extensions, but if you want something that lasts longer, you can choose micro-loop and sew-in hair weaves.

Remy hair extensions are also available in different colours. You'll surely find something that blends well with the colour of your natural hair.

Not sure what shade to choose? Let your complexion decide. Using your skin tone as your basis can help you find your most flattering shade. Below is a guide to help you choose the right hair extension colour if you are going full head.

For warm skin tones:

Those with warm skin tones look great with yellow and red base shades. A wide spectrum of shades is available in these colours. Try blond tones like gold, copper, and honey.

For cool skin tones :

If you have a cool skin tone, then neutral or blue based hair extensions will suit you. Platinum blond, champagne, and flaxen will flatter your skin complexion. To make your hair look livelier, you may want to choose balayage or ombre hair extensions.

Want to use Remy hair extensions in the UK as highlights and low lights? There are rules that you should follow to achieve the best results. For highlights, pick a colour that is three shades lighter than your hair to brighten up your look. For lowlights, pick a colour that is one or two shades darker than your natural hair. Following these guidelines ensures that your extensions truly give depth and dimension to your hair.