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Steps For Removing Your Weft Hair Extensions.

When it comes to removing hair weft/weave extensions it is best to take professional help. Still sometimes you may have some urgency and need to do that at home, especially if you are locked down or cannot get to your hairdresser due to COVID-19.

For this you will require help from a family member and a few tools. They are a pair of scissors, hair extension pliers, hair grippersand a pin tail comb. Never ever try to do it alone as you do not know what is happening at your back.

Carefully follow the steps below...

Step 1: The best way to remove the extension is weft by weft or even row by row. You should be able to handle each individual weft of hair. Start with the hair weft nearest to the neck. If there are any wefts at the side of the head then leave them to do at last.

Step 2: Take scissors and cut the thread that attaches the weave to the micro rings. Once the thread is cut you can use your pintail comb for easing away the thread slowly.

Step 3: At the end of the weave there are knots. It may be a bit tricky to handle them. Snip the thread by carefully inserting the scissors. Be careful that you do not cut the actual hair!

Step 4:Keep snipping the straight section of the thread.

Step 5: After snipping is done it will be easier to lift the weave hair.

Step 6: Using the tail of the comb and start loosening the securing stitches. Then you can insert the scissors for snipping the weave easily.

Step 7: Now snip through the securing stitches. Be careful that you do not cut the actual hair.

Step 8: Using the tail of the comb ease away the thread from the weave hair.

Step 9: After the weave hair extension is removed you can take the pliers for unclamping the micro rings. For this squeeze the ring in the opposite direction to which it has been clamped. After they get loosened you can slip them over your hair.

Step 10: After you remove the loosened micro rings simply discard them. Do not use them further.

Step 11: After removing the micro rings you may notice that there are little cluster of hair. It is normal. Take a brush and brush them gently. You can comb your hair too. If required you may wash your hair and detangle any such clusters. Be gentle in whatever you do.

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